Wood In A New Boat Be Nice?


Wood In a New Boat Be Nice?

Kathy had a vintage Harbor 20 boat, hull #14. It didn’t get nearly as much use as she would have liked since she often raced her Lido 14 with Cindy. She loves the physicality of the Lidos, but as time went on, she started realizing that she won’t be able to keep it up forever.
Kathy also has a friend named Pixie, who started raving about the new Harbor 20‘s. Pixie fell in love with the Harbor 20 at the Long Beach boat show. As soon as she sat in it, she thought, “In the future, this is my boat.” The designer shared his vision for a better boating experience, which made her long to sail it even more. She would frequently tell Kathy how amazing the Harbor 20’s are. “That boat is the most comfortable, easy going, fun, picnic, sit back and enjoy life-boat.”


Pixie's First Harbor 20 daysail
Pixie’s First Harbor 20 daysail


Kathy’s vintage Harbor 20 was starting to need repairs and just didn’t have the features she wanted.



Walter Johnson reached out to Kathy to inform her about the Schock trade in program. The more features he named, the more the offer “was getting difficult to refuse”. Who wouldn’t love comfy new c-cushions, extra pop-up cleats, and a silky smooth racing bottom? Kathy got an amazing, race-ready H20 boat, hull #359. By trading in her hull #14, she recieved a huge discount. Plus she didn’t have to hassle with fixing up and finding a buyer for her older one.



She upgraded to the Maderaglass™ that inspired the new boat’s name: Wood In It Be Nice, as coined by her big brother, Ted.


“Wood In It Be Nice”


Maderaglass™ is a beautiful water-resistant fiberglass finish that creates the look of wood without the expensive maintenance or water damage. They couldn’t be happier with how it looked.



Taking It Out For a Spin


First order of business was a weekend away, sailing from Newport to Long Beach. They sailed approximately 50 miles round trip, and 2 miles out on the open ocean. Why drive when you can sail?



Kathy and Ted’s parents introduced them to sailing at a young age. It provides a great opportunity for the siblings to keep in touch amidst their busy lives.



Not to mention that winning it’s far more exciting than coffee.



Ted, Cindy, and Kathy are a sailing team and have rapidly risen to the top of the B class races. With so much more practice, they are all sharpening their sailing skills. Kathy also takes advantage of the mentorship programs in her Harbor 20 fleet. She often attends the same H20 workshops multiple times and learns something new each time.



Pixie has also had an opportunity to sail with Kathy in her new boat. While Pixie likes the relaxing aspect of the Harbor 20, she maintains that “a lot of us boating types have this racing spirit.” 



Kathy and her crew have been racing every chance they get. Their improvement certainly testifies to that competitive spirit. They won the C Fleet Class Championship in 2014, and recently won in the B fleet Winter Series.

With rapid improvement, they are poised to join A fleet soon.


For Kathy, sailing is a lifestyle. “Sailing teaches one to be independent and rely on oneself which for me yields the ultimate freedom.” She takes her boat out every chance she gets, spending about 75-100 days a year in her Harbor 20, which is double what she was sailing before. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, or make new ones. When the Harbor 20 is so easy to rig, sail, and maintain, she gets to spend more time doing what she loves. It’s no wonder Harbor 20s are  rising in popularity so quickly.



Interview with Kathy


Kathy was interviewed via email on February 23, 2015. The following is in her own words:

Alex told me that you traded in an older H20. What do you do with your old boats?

We still campaign the Lido sailing against some of the best sailors in Southern California.
After six years doing twilights in Long Beach Cindy and I have won the coveted “Pink L” Women’s championship for the past two years.

How did you hear about the trade in program?

Walter Johnson sent us an email and a formal letter. 

 I kept calling and asking Walter if various things were included, the conversations went something like this:

“Now Walt am I going to get the new fabulous closed cell foam cushions? Yes” he replied.  We had the old canvas ones. 

“Will I have a new rig? Everything new? Shrouds, halyards? Everything?, Yes” he said. (since the halyard had just failed I began to wonder what else would fail)

“Okay, what about the bottom? Am I going to get the smooth as silk racing bottom too?” Yes you are, he said.

This was getting difficult to refuse.

“Well, would the boat come with those cool pop up cleats and could the factory put an extra set on the stern for me? I have to attach the Seal Stop equipment and since I’m on the mooring I don’t have enough places to tie the mooring line and the Seal Stop.  Would Schock put extra pop up cleats on too? Let me call Alexander on that one” The answer came back, “Yes, the factory can do it.” 

So we thought for several days with the looming deadline. We called Walt and told him we are going for the trade in program and to get #359 the 15th anniversary addition with the madera glass transom on order for us. 

Everytime we sail #359 Wood in it Be Nice, we are so happy we went for the turn in program.  It’s so nice to have proper equipment to compete with in one design.

It sure was a super deal for us.  There were no surprises or disappointments. 

What motivated you to get a new boat?

The old boat was going toneed a complete upgrade and
Schock gave us a great turn in deal.

How many races have you won in your new boat?

Most recently, we won the Newport Harbor Winter Series regatta for B fleet.  We won the C fleet class championship 2014 and moved up to Bs. We are very happy with the boats performance.

What is the best part about racing your Harbor 20, and in your experience, how does it compare to sailing other boats?

I call it all brain, no brawn.  The Lido is very physical and right now I love the physical part of it.  But, I know one day I will be lucky just to get in the Harbor 20.

Not only is the Harbor 20 a great boat but the fleet is fantastic too. Thank goodness for Peter Haynes! What a treasure for the fleet.  We attended every class he held and I repeated the rules class at least 3 times.  Walter Johnson has also been incredible asset to the fleet with his clinics. I try to attend every one and have learned something new at each one.  The tune ups clinics are terrific too.  The technical support and the social aspect is fantastic!

How often do you sail now compared to before the new H20?

Every race I can.  It’s a lot more fun when one has  equipment that is comparable to the competition.

How long have you been racing as a team with Ted, and has it had any impact on your relationship?

Ted is my big brother and we work pretty well together.  We grew up sailing together and my Dad always made sure my sister and I got as much sailing instruction as my brothers. 

How often do you sail with friends? Has the new boat effected your social life?

All my friends are Lido sailors and now Harbor 20 sailors.  We are super busy with all our sailing friends.  When we’re not sailing we play ukulele and have started a ukulele group at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.

Has sailing had any impact on other aspects of your life?

Sailing teaches one to be independent and rely on oneself which for me yields the ultimate freedom.  Making the boat go where you want because you understand sailing is an incredible feeling.  
I was lucky my Dad got his family of four kids started at very young ages. I think my Mom appreciated that sailing kept us all out of trouble. We were lucky because both our parents loved sailing too.  


 Is the Harbor Series 

Right For You?


Harbor 20 fleets are popping up everywhere, and can claim one of the most active keelboat fleets in the world. The winning combination is in the simplicity and speed. Schock’s Harbor series is so versatile, it’s a great fit for everyone, no matter who you are.



From experienced adventurers



To little ones



And even furry ones


The water becons to something deep inside all of us. Shock’s true brilliance with the Harbor 20s is in giving so many people access to the ocean and all of it’s wonders.

Kathy and her crew will be able to enjoy sailing in her new Harbor 20 for years to come.