Board Meeting for Jib Boom

From: Fred Rice, Fleet Captain

Notice to all Harbor 20 Fleet 4 members:


There will be a Fleet 4 Executive Board meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 5:30 p.m. at the Endless Summer Cafe.

All fleet members are welcome come and listen in.


The single agenda item will be boom and jib outhaul sheave differences:

  1. review and document Fleet 4 complaints, research, and findings
  1. determine how existing National Class rules affect Fleet 4
  1. review Warren Duncan’s (National Class Association measurer) letter of explanation
  1. consider if the board is to request change in the National Class Association and Fleet 4 rules
  1. consider bringing to the table solutions and discuss recommendations
  1. discuss whether or not the board should call for a fleet member vote  regarding  solutions.

7. adjournment

Learn to Race with Chris Hill, Wed 4/29 7-9 PM at BCYC

Each part of a race requires three things from the sailor: perception of important conditions, processing and decision making, and performing what you decide effectively, the three Ps.

Based on his experience and what he’s learned from better sailors, Chris Hill will lead a seminar on how to learn what we need to improve to get better race results, and how to learn it.

We hope you will join us and bring a story or two to share about a lesson you have learned about racing.