Sail Purchase Window Has Opened

The Fleet 1 approved sail purchase window is October 5th to November 30th, 2015. This is your only opportunity to buy new sails until after the Fleet 1 2016 Championships!

According to the Class bylaws:

III.H.8. For a Class Yacht, the Owner may purchase one jib sail in each calendar year and one main sail in every second calendar year.

After purchase, the Fleet 1 Measurer will inspect, measure and sign the sail before it may be used.

According to the Fleet 1 bylaws:

III.C.7. The Fleet has appointed Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers as its sole permitted sail maker for new mainsails, and Ullman Sails as its sole permitted sail maker for new jibs. No other sail/sail maker combinations will be allowed.

The cost of a new mail sail from Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers is $1,594.  They are offering a 20% discount to Fleet 1 members: $1275.20. You can save an additional $25 by re-using your main batons. They can be reached at 949 645-6697.

Ullman Sails is offering the jib sail at 793 with 10% discounts available for 100% deposits and 5% discounts available for 50% deposits. Download their flyer here. Ullman Sails can be reached at 714-432-1860

If you are buying a new Mainsail, consider donating your old one to NHYC for possible use in the Baldwin Cup team races.


Pinckney’s Sail Away with Championships

For the 2nd year in a row, Jon and Gale Pinckney have won the Harbor 20 Division A Championships with an impressive four 1st place finishes out of a total of 8 races over two days in Newport Harbor over the weekend. A total of 33 teams participated in the annual event which represents the final event for the Harbor 20 sailing year.

Jim & Mary Buckingham received 2nd place while Kurt & Anne Wiese received 3rd place. Six of the top eight competitors in A Division were husband / wife teams, which is common among the Harbor 20 Fleet.

Len Bose and Craig Chamberlain won the B Division Championship, with Daniel and Mariah Geissmann and John & Mary Whitney getting 2nd and 3rd places. Similar to the A Division, five of the top 9 finishers in B Division were husband / wife teams.

Porter Killian & Chris Killian, a father / son team, dominated the C Division by getting 1st place in all eight races, earning him them the right to sail in B Division.

The Harbor 20 Fleet thanks Newport Harbor Yacht Club as the OA and hosting the social events surrounding Championships. Complete race results are available here.

Photos will be posted to the Harbor 20 Facebook Page in the coming days.

Ask The Judges – Preparation for the Championships

On Friday, October 2, the day before the Championship, the H20 Association is sponsoring an evening called “ASK THE JUDGES” at 7:00 PM at NHYC. Certified judges will be present to answer any and all questions you might have about the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016. A whiteboard with magnetic boats will be used to help visualize on-the-water situations as they change over time.

Don’t go into the Championship with lingering questions about the rules. We will be entertaining questions such as:

1)     Can you have contact with another boat and not have broken a rule?

2)     If two overlapped, close hauled, starboard tack boats reach a windward mark to be left to port, does the leeward boat have to fall off at the mark, or can it continue to sail on, taking the windward boat with it?

3)     Can boats on opposite tacks be overlapped?

4)     If a boat running on port tack overlaps to leeward a boat running on starboard tack, and then jibes, does he (she) then have luffing rights?

5)     Does a boat which tacks from port to starboard inside the 3 boat length circle ever have rights to mark room?

6)     The committee boat is a mark and an obstruction. Is an inside boat, overlapped to windward, entitled to room at the obstruction before starting?

7)     Is a boat ever required to sail her proper course?

8)     Does a boat which is sailing above close hauled have to fall off to a close hauled course at the starting signal?

9)     Can you take a penalty turn anytime before the finish of a race to exonerate yourself of a rule infraction?




1) No


2) Yes or no, depending on how the overlap was established


3) Yes , if both are sailing more than 90 degrees from the wind


4) Yes


5) Yes


6) Yes, unless approaching the starting line to start (barging)


7) No


8 ) Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends on how overlaps with adjacent boats were established.


9) No. A penalty must be taken as soon as possible after the time of the incident.


What’s your question? Come and get the answer. Find out once and for whether you were right or wrong in past incidents. This should be a really interesting and fun evening!

We hope to see you there!


The Class & Fleet Championships are being held next weekend, and your last chance to sign up (without a late fee) is Wednesday before 5pm.  Sign up at NHYC website here.

Keep in mind the eligibility rules that will be strictly enforced for this special event:

From the Class Bylaws:

II.D. Class and Fleet Championship Race Participation Requirements



II.D.1. Championship races are special events for boat owners. For Class Championships and Fleet Championships, the Helmsman must be an Owner Member who has been a member for over 60 days. In the case of multiple Owner Members, the Helmsman is the one who signs the entry form.



II.D.2. Boats that are racing must have been kept in the water continuously for 60 days prior to Class Championships and Fleet Championships.



II.D.3. The crew for Class Championship and Fleet Championship Series must be a person who meets the basic principles and intent of these rules (Section II.A.4), and they must have sailed in at least twelve Class Races in the same boat during the time period between the last Class or Fleet Championship Series and the Class or Fleet Championship Series under consideration. Paid professional sailors and full-time sailing coaches must have been retired for at least three full years.



II.D.4. Only the Helmsman shall steer the boat during a race except for momentary relief in non-tactical situations.



II.D.5. It is intended that strict adherence to the rules specified in this section be maintained. However, a member with special circumstances, may petition the Class or Fleet Board for a variance in these

II.D Rules using the provisions of I.D.15. This should be done well in advance of the event.



II.D.6. The Class or Fleet Measurer may require the first five finishers be inspected at the finish of each race.



II.D.7. The Main Sail is to be manufactured by Elliot Pattison Sailmakers, and the Jib Sail is to be manufactured by Ullman Sailmakers.



III.E. Equipment Required/Permitted



III.E.1. All Class Required Equipment as defined below shall be aboard while racing in any Class regatta. Specified weights may be installed in substitution for certain items of Class Required Equipment. No other sailing equipment will be permitted aboard Class Yachts while racing except as is specifically provided for below.



III.E.2. Each item of Class Required Equipment shall be in accordance with the designs and specification of the Builder or of at least equal weight and in the same location. Standard built-in interior equipment of the “Standard Base” Class Yacht shall not be removed or modified in any way so as to affect the performance of the yacht.



III.E.3. Added compensation weight of lead or other approved material will be substituted in the absence of electric propulsion devices. Such weight shall be permanently fastened with GRP or mechanical fasteners. For auxiliary motor and batteries, 70 pounds is to be permanently installed on each of the platforms under the seats, and 20 pounds is to be permanently installed in the lazarette against the transom.



III.E.4. Owners shall request the Class Measurer’s approval for each specific weight substitution and the Class Measurer shall maintain (available for inspection) a true and complete record of each substitution.



III.E.5. Required equipment for Class racing includes:

a. Full seat cushions, either as supplied by the Builder, or their equivalent.

b. Three-pound anchor with 50 feet of 1/4″ diameter line, a 2-gallon bucket, a paddle of 36” minimum length.



III.E.6. Wind indicators and telltales (non-electric) are permitted and may be placed at the Owner’s discretion anywhere on the boat’s sails and rigging.



III.E.7. Compasses and timers are permitted. The size and location is at the Owner’s discretion.



III.E.8. GPS and VHF units may be on board for use in an emergency, but not used during a race unless noted on the Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions.



III.E.9. The length of the tiller may be shortened to suit individual preference, and a tiller extension may be installed.



III.E.10. Running lights may be installed.



III.E.11. An electric bilge pump may be installed.

The full text of the ByLaws can be found online here.

All members must be current with their membership dues.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to conform with these rules. The Class and Fleet Measurer’s may perform inspections before or after the race to validation rule conformance. Questions should be directed to Warren Duncan or Michael Volk, Measurers and Rules Chairs.

Variances to these rules, should be petitioned to the Board of Directors (as provided for in the bylaws) prior to the races by submitting them to the Class or Fleet Measurer as appropriate.

See you on the water next weekend!!