Fun at Hilton Head

Hilton Head Highlights

Hilton Head, South Carolina is the home of a growing Harbor 20 Fleet. SCYC is a hidden gem of activity. But with a boat like the Harbor 20, it’s no wonder these sailers spend so much time on the water!

1)  The Harbor 20 is the most actively sailed keelboat in the country. Harbor 20s have more races with more boats sailing  than any other keelboat.
2) Harbor 20s are also the most actively sailed boat at every single club that has a Harbor 20 fleet. Clubs that have Harbor 20s are vibrant.
3) The Harbor 20 has the highest percentage of women skippers of any sailboat in the world. Nearly 30% of race skippers of Harbor 20s are women.


4) The Harbor 20 has the biggest Corinthian turnout of any keelboat class champs in the country.  
5) The Harbor 20 also has the highest percentage of family teams of any class.  Fully 75% of the teams at the last class champs were families.

They have a busy calendar with plenty of activities in the up-coming season. Nothing will keep these fun-loving Harbor 20 skippers off the water. Even the cold weather hasn’t deterred sailors from enjoying Wednesday night racing year-round.They usually have about 8-10 Harbor20 boats come out every week to enjoy a little friendly competition, in the spirit of the Most Active Fleet.

Speaking of friendly competition, Hilton Head will be hosting the Windmill Harbour Regatta (also known as the Domenico De Sole or DDS Regatta) from Fri. April 24 – Sun April 26. All are welcome to sign up to participate in the races on the regatta website. This regatta is well organized and coordinated to provide the best racing experience possible. There will be one design and PHRF racing, all participants bring their own boat. Estimated attendance is about 18-20 boats, including 10 Schock Harbor 20s which is more than double the attendance of any other model. South Carolina Yacht Club provides free launching and haulout as well as dockage during the Windmill Harbour Regatta. Spectators will need to contact the yacht club for more information. Some races will have seating and refreshments provided on the pier, while others will have spectator boats available upon arrangements prior to the event.

Domenico De Sole and his lovely wife, Eleanore are hosting this regatta. While many couples sail Harbor 20s together, this couple enjoys a bit of competition as well. Eleanore and Sue sail Harbor 20 #141 Norsewoman with an all-female crew.

But regattas aren’t just about the racing, but have an important social component as well. South Carolina Yacht Club hosts a competitors meeting with the PRO on Friday evening, complete with cocktails and hors d’oeurvres.  Sunday afternoon wraps up with an awards ceremony, featuring cocktails and nachos, also provided by the Club.


The social highlight of this regatta is the marvelous dinner party hosted in the De Soles oceanside home on Saturday evening. Previous attendees pick this gala as their favorite part of the weekend. Regatta participants enjoy a sumptuous dinner, a beautiful view of the beach, and have a rare opportunity to view the couple’s private contemporary art collection. The De Soles have been noted for their refined, elegant taste and warm hospitality.

More Events Through the Season

South Carolina Yacht Club will host two more regattas near the end of the season. Carolina Ocean Challenge Regatta is on October 9-11. It also features Harbor 20s with PHRF.


The Domenico De Sole Regatta and the Spring Series Wednesday night racing lead up to the famed East-West Regatta on October 23-25. Three skippers and crews will be selected to represent South Carolina, Fleet 3, in the East-West Regatta.  That Regatta is limited to three crews from each Yacht Club: Newport Harbor and Santa Barbara (the West team) and Annapolis and Hilton Head Island (the East team). Last year the East- West Regatta was hosted in Santa Barbara, but this year it will be in beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina.


Come out and join all of the fun in HIlton Head, South Carolina this season. The scenic Windmill Harbour is home to plenty of Harbor 20 activity with racing, regattas, and more. SCYC is  on it’s way to having a big Harbor 20 fleet, and everyone knows what they say about big fleets… big fun! There’s no better way to kick off the season than with a bit of friendly competition, Southern hospitality, and beautiful scenery.


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