High Point Series

Fleet 1 High Point Series

The High Point Series trophies will be awarded to the A, B and C Division skippers (not the boat) who have the best total score for the season in their respective fleets.  The High Point Series scores will be computed on the designated High Point races between consecutive Fleet Championship Series.  The High Point Series scores will be computed using the High-Point Percentage Scoring System as defined by US Sailing.

Current Year Leader Board

Previous Winners

Fleet Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
A 2017 Walter Johnson

2016 Mark Conzelman
Greg Newman
2015 Kurt & Anne Wiese
Walter Johnson Gary & Karen Thorne
2014 Peter Haynes
Helen Duncan
  2013 Gary Thorne
Bob Yates Len Bose
  2012 Gary Thorne
Kurt Wiese Guy Doran
2011 Tom Schock
Karl Pomeroy Bob Yates

2010 Bill Menninger
Jim Kerrigan Peter Haynes
2009 Jim Kerrigan Tom Corkett Ted Munroe
2008 Jim Kerrigan
2007 John Fuller Lee Sutherland Jim Kerrigan
2006 Jim Kerrigan Bob Yates Lee Sutherland
2005 Jim Kerrigan Tom Schock Lee Sutherland
2004 Ted Munroe Lee Sutherland Mark Gaudio
2003 Ted Munroe Jim Kerrigan Bob Yates
2002 Jim Kerrigan Terry Gloege Ted Munroe
2001 Lee Sutherland Phil Ramser Tom Corkett
2000 Arthur Strock
1999 Arthur Strock
1998 Arthur Strock
B 2017 Peter Haynes
2016 John Whitney
Helen Duncan
2015 Mark Hurwitz
Tom Corkett Helen & Warren Duncan
2014 Mark Conzelman
Tom Corkett Len Connelly
  2013 Win Fuller
Rod Swift Emile Pilafidis
  2012 Tom Corkett
John Whitney Nik Froehlich
2011 Helen Duncan
Win Fuller Rod Swift

2010 Nik Froehlich
Emile Pilafidis
no qualifying
2009 Rolly Pulaski John Whitney Helen Duncan
2008 Ted Munroe Peter Haynes Len Connelly
2007 Peter Haynes Ross Watanabe Emile Pilafidis
2006 Len Connelly Ross Watanabe Glyn Davies
2005 John Whitney Helen Duncan Glyn Davies
2004 Len Connelly John Whitney Glyn Davies
2003 Helen Duncan Len Connelly Neil MacFarlane
2002 Helen Duncan Bill Fundenberg Len Connelly
2001 Neil MacFarlane Len Connelly Helen Duncan
2000 Anna Frances Parker
C 2017 Mike Kohl
2016 Pat Scruggs
Dick Somers
2015 Michael & Ellen Volk
2014 Jan Houghton
Andy Everson Michael Volk