March 21, 2012 Spring twilight’s at M Mark

We had the perfect spring day, 8-12knots of breeze, out of the west. Warm at the start and the jackets started to appear as the sun set.

We had four boats and completed 5 races of 2 v 2 windward leewards. Mike Pinckney was our designated coach and provided simple instructions at the mark rounding. From the starting boat I was able to learn a lot on how this whole Team Race thing works. I am encouraging you all to try this format of sailing. I promise you will improve your sailing skills and find another reason to use your boat. Next week come on down and give it a try! Everyone is welcomed to help me in the starting boat?

This weeks participants were Diane & Steve Kent, John Fradkin, Mike Pinckney, Alex Steele, Shannon Heausler, Jon Novack, & Jeff Tolan.  Walter Johnson and Linda Pierce did a fly by, promised to attend next week and made a beverage for the Kent’s before sailing off into the sunset.  Other people that called me and said they would be down next week was Peter Haynes, Bill Menninger , Judi Gorski & Marry Bacon.

This is starting to feel like it’s going to be a FUN series that will turn into something much larger! We also had a great time sitting around the fire at BYC after the race, which to tell you the truth is almost more fun than racing.

Sea ya Next week!


Len Bose


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