Following are individuals available to Crew in Harbor 20 regattas. If you need Crew, contact any of the individuals listed below. If you would like to be added to this list, submit your request using the form on the bottom of this page.

Darlene Smith 847-687-5268

Mature Female Seasoned Sailor looking for the opportunity to crew on a Harbor 20.

Availability: Evenings (except Mondays) and most weekends.

Experience: I am a current member of WSAOC. I learned to sail on a Rhodes 19 on Lake Michigan through Sea Explorers, a division of the Boy Scouts. At eighteen, I qualified as a skipper and brought other members out on the Lake to teach sailing. I raced buoy races on 33 ft boats including Tarten 10’s. I raced overnight races, Mackinac, Hook and TriState on Lake Michigan. I owned and raced my own Sunfish when I was a member of the North Shore Yacht club in Highland Park, IL. I became a US Sailing certified small boat instructor to help teach club members. I moved to California in 2017. I have raced in 7 Newport to Ensenada races, Catalina Series Races, Lemwod 2019, and numerous bouy races off Long Beach. Currently, I am crewing on Monday’s on a Cal22 from the American Legion and loving it.

Anita Wang  949-734-0580

Born female identify as female. Same age as old people, very young heart and strong muscles.

Availability: Weekend Regattas, Week Night Series

Experience: Previously bareboat charter crew with friends. No sailing for 20 years. Joined WSA 3 years ago and began racing on No Ka ‘Oi and Bella Rose. Taken OCC sailing course and recently took Peter Haynes Boat Handling and Sail trim course. A rookie that takes directions well, loves to learn and get as much speed as possible.

Derek Matheson

Availability:  weekday afternoons

Experience:  ALYC Sundowners crew on J22 last 2 years, varied big boat experience for 20 years, currently on helm of H20 Monday eve’s. I am looking to learn more about trimming and driving the H20.

Marc S   949-689-3942

Availability:  everyday, anytime

Experience:  I’m 25 years old and have been sailing for 3 years, at least weekly. Lots of skipping J22s out of Marina Park in Newport. Also crew/skip a Catalina 30 in Shoreline Village mostly cruising. Will bring beers!

Craig Gordon

Availability:  Most days.

Experience:  Learning to sail and sailing the BYC club boats for the last 6 months.

Matt Foreman, 949 648 3438

“Middle Aged”
Irvine Resident
Wooden boat enthusiast.
Availability: I can crew spring and summer weekday series and regattas if I have advance notice. Looking for a good fit.

I want to learn how to make a Harbor 20 go fast.
Experience: Raced a Thistle successfully for many years and currently sailing lasers. I also have long distance sailing experience in the C&C 44 I owned for many years.  I crewed on Harbor 20’s for some of the club team racing events.

Rob Reid , 510 329-2741

Availability: Available always, if you need help Im ready to sail

Experience: My sailing experience goes back to owning and sailing my Snowbird in Newport Harbor as a child, and learning to appreciate the Santa Ana winds!  My first racing experience was the 1969 Flight of the Snowbirds in Nwpt Harbor. When living in the Bay Area I had a 12ft Banshee and sailed the SF bay out of Berkeley Marina.  I have been back home in Newport  for 5 years and have been sailing extensively with the Oasis Sailing club as a Skipper. With the club I have been training new sailers to be Mates and Skippers on our two Catalina 34 Mark IV boats.  I have helped develop the current  Racing program with our club and  I have entered our boats in many PHRF offshore races over the past couple of years. I have been through a training/sailing experience with Peter Haynes, which gave me an appreciation for the Harbor 20 one design boats.  I am confident in my abilities to be an affective crew.  Feel free to call and ask questions, and I look forward to hearing from any skippers in need.

Mike Nelson, 714-962-1781

Availability: Anytime

Dear Mentors/H20 Skippers. As a friendly reminder I am a rookie at sailing H20 #89.
I am interested in finding a Skipper that needs a ROOKIE Crew member for any of the upcoming Regattas in my boat or their boat. (or an afternoon of sailing). So if you know of any H20 Skipper or someone that wants some time at the H20 tiller with race experience, please feel free to forward them my email and phone number below.

I’ll bring the juice and cookies.
Thank you in advance for any of your help.

Bill McNamara, 949-360-8448

Availability: Entire Weekend Regattas, Entire Week Night Series

Experience:  Harbor 20 racing crew under:

  • Peter Haynes numerous B-Fleet races in Regattas and Weeknight Series 2007-2008
  • Judy Weightman’s B-Fleet Weeknight Races 2008
  • Terry Gloege A-Fleet Schock Memorial Regatta, 2009 2nd Place Trophy

Harbor 20 Training Seminars and on the water events:

  • H20 Local Knowlege Training
  • H20 Understanding The Racing Rules of Sailing
  • H20 Strategy and Tactics
  • H20 Boat Handling & Sail Trim
  • H20 Andrew Kerr Seminar and on the water training
  • Dave Perry’s Top Ten Tactical Tips
  • Schock 35 Bouy Race Crew, trimer 100+ Races
  • J105 – Race Crew, trimer 20+ Races

Brad Roach, 714-363-1377

Availability: Anytime

Experience: Schock ’35 – trimmer, completed two seasons & starting a third season; ’40 Gambler – trimmer for two seasons; Andrew ’30 – crew for two season; Windsurfing racing – ~10 years; member of Windward Sailing club in NB & SailTime (NB H20 club); Some FJ & C420 sailing experience.

I have sailed in Newport Harbor for many years, so I have a pretty solid understanding of the wind patterns & shifts.

Alex Morales, 909-244-0098

Availability: Anytime

Experience: Completed the ASA Basic Keelboat Sailing course. Have completed two Lido and three Shields classes at OCC. As a member of Marina Sailing, I have sailed the Catalinas, Hunters and Newports and participated in several races.Attended the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 by Peter Haynes.

Spencer Dworkin949 472 1316

Male, age 59, non-smoker, clean language, plays well with others.

Available: November through April

Experience: Mostly Long Island Sound sailing (NY). Some recent experience in One-Design: Ensign (22 foot 4 man boat with spinnaker), J24, J80, many years’ experience in “big boat” handicap racing around the buoys, 27 – 48 foot. Very knowledgeable in the mechanics of sailing, sail trim, boat speed.

Also happy to assist on Race Committee.

If you wish to be added to this list, submit your request to in a format similar to those above.