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To successfully race your Harbor 20, there are three major topics which are very important to understand. A one-day seminar is available for each of these topics:

“Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020”

It is extremely important to understand the complex rules of engagement so as to be able to get about the race course without incident. This comprehensive seminar covers the definitions, everything in “Part 2 – When Boats Meet”, and selected other sections such as those covering starting procedures and the taking of penalties. While reading the books is good, and recommended, this seminar is the most efficient way I know to come up to speed on these complex rules.

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“Boat Handling & Sail Trim”

Once you understand the rules and are able to conduct yourself safely in close quarters competition, it is important to be able to get the best possible performance in all conditions from boat and crew.

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“Strategy & Tactics”

This seminar is designed to help you be able to recognize and understand what is going on in a sailboat race. If you have ever wondered how a fleet could become as spread out as it does even in a short race, and why certain competitors finish consistently well, this seminar will help reveal why. “Strategy” is about how you plan to sail a given race course in the existing wind, current, and wave conditions. “Tactics” is about how you implement your strategy in the company of all those other boats. Tactics and rules go hand-in-hand, because you need to understand how to use the Racing Rules of Sailing to your advantage in various situations. Another way to describe this seminar is that it is about learning how to “point the boat in the right direction”.

Detailed course description

Each of these seminars is very comprehensive, and to some may seem like “drinking from a fire hose”. That is why the goal is to offer each of these seminars twice per year. The idea is that you may repeat the seminar as many times as necessary to absorb the information.

Watch the Calendar for scheduling information.

If you have questions or comments, please contact me:

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