Phyllis Rawlins Drayton Trophy

From 2013-2016, the Phyllis Rawlins Drayton Trophy was awarded to the top women finishers in A, B and C divisions at the Harbor 20 Championships each year as either skipper or crew.  In 2017, the Trophy was awarded to the top female High Point scorers.  From 2018 on, the Trophy will be awarded to the female fleet members who race on the greatest number of High Point Fleet Race days for the season as skipper or crew.

2023Debra Haynes
2022Debra Haynes
2021Debra Haynes
2020Anne Wiese & Debra Haynes
2019Anne Kimball & Debra Haynes
2018Debra Haynes
2016Gale Pinckney
2015Gale Pinckney
2014Gale Pinckney
2013Diane Menninger
2016Mary Whitney
2015Mariah Geissman
2014Mariah Geissman
2013Jessica Newman
2016Debbie Springer
2015Kyrsten Munster
2014Kathy Reed

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