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Notice to Members

Posted on behalf of Class President Patrick Shannon.

Fellow Association Members:

As we close out 2019, the Board wants to express our appreciation to all Association members for your unwavering support on and off the water this past year. We had incredible participation at the Fleet level all across the country and at our two annual, national events (Nationals in Newport Beach and East-West in Hilton Head). Bravo Zulu all!

For 2020, we are implementing improvements to the Association’s organizational structure to include an easier, on-line voting process for Directors and transitioning from an unincorporated association to a mutual benefit non-profit corporation. As part of this transition process, the nominations for and election of new Directors will be held in early 2020 versus in December 2019. We continue our focus on achieving a reliable and cost-effective source of supply for boat parts to allow you to continue to sail without any significant down time when you need repairs. Our outside counsel (Blank Rome) continues to protect and defend the Association’s interests in the litigation initiated by W.D. Schock against the Association and the companies with which they contracted to build boats.

We look forward another great year of sailing, racing, learning, and friendship. Our Class exemplifies the very best of Corinthian sailing and your Board and Officers are committed to making sure that the Class continues to grow and thrive for many decades ahead.


Patrick J. Shannon

Class President and Director

Harbor 20 Class Association

H20 CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP – Registration fee INCREASES after Monday, February 18

Harbor 20 Sailors,

Tomorrow is the last day to register for the 2019 Harbor 20 Class Championships without incurring a late registration fee. This is an event you do not want to miss as it is unlike any Harbor 20 regatta to date. The regatta will include 3 days of exciting racing with a format that includes a flight selection series followed by a two-day championship series. To complement this racing schedule, Newport Harbor Yacht Club will host 4 days of social events, including a Thursday Welcome Reception, and a Saturday dinner with live music in their beautiful new clubhouse. Regatta information can be found on the Notice Board here.

This is the first Class-wide Championship Regatta that that will rotate annually among the Harbor 20 Fleets across the country; the 2020 Class Championships is set to be hosted by Fleet 5 in Annapolis, Maryland.

We have 25 entries to date and expect as many as 40 boats racing. An accurate count of entries is critical to establish the seeding for the qualifying series, and your early entry is very much appreciated. Entry can be made by filling out the entry form no later than February 18th (tomorrow) to avoid the $40 late fee.

If you have any questions, including entry eligibility requirements, please contact Event Chair John Whitney and/or NHYC Race Director Laurel Dinwiddie.


John Whitney, Event Chairman

(949) 945-8389


Laurel Dinwiddie, NHYC Race Director

(949) 723-6870

2019 HARBOR 20 CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP – Pre-Regatta Information


(Click here to download the word document).




Newport Harbor Yacht Club

FRIDAY-Sunday, MARCH 1-3, 2019

Pre-Regatta Information



1.1  This regatta will be governed by Harbor 20 Class Association Bylaws, Rules and Specifications.

1.2   Skippers must be members in good standing with their respective yacht clubs and H20 Fleets to be eligible to sail in this event.

1.3   Crew must comply with Harbor 20 Class rules, unless otherwise specified in the forthcoming Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions.

1.4   There is no restriction on the number of boats that may compete in this regatta.

1.5   Each boat must complete each race with one (1) skipper and one (1) crew.

1.6   Eligible boats may enter by completing the online entry form and paying the entry fee (not to exceed $200.00 per boat) by February 18th to avoid a late fee (TBD). All entries must be received by 1700 PST on Monday, February 25th, 2019. The entry fee includes two (2) regatta social tickets. Additional social tickets will be able to be purchased.




February 28


March 1


March 2


March 3

Competitor Check-In 1500-1700 0900-1000 —-
Welcome Reception 1700-1800
Competitors’ Meeting 1045 1100 —-
First Warning 1200 1200 1200
Regatta Dinner @ NHYC 1830 —-
No Races Start After —- —- 1600
Trophy Presentation —- After racing



In order to maintain approximately 15 boats on the start line, a qualification series will be  held on Friday to determine flights for racing on Saturday and Sunday. Racing format will be determined based on the number of regatta entrants.



4.1   Harbor 20 boats will be available for use by charter for non-Fleet 1 entrants. Charter fees are expected to be at least $100.00 per day. Charter fees will be the same for every boat. Other charter arrangement details will be provided in the forthcoming Notice of Race. For planning purposes only, please let us know here if you intend to enter and/or charter a boat.

4.2   All boats may be subject to equipment inspections by the official Class Measurer or a delegate to verify compliance with Section III of the Harbor 20 Class Association Bylaws, Rules and Specifications.

4.3   Sails must comply with Class Rules. Non-Fleet 1 entrants may use their own sails provided they have been measured and certified to be Class Bylaws compliant by the Fleet Measurer of the entrant’s fleet. For entrants who do not bring their own sails or do not wish to use the sails that come with a chartered boat, arrangements have been made with Elliot/Pattison Sails and Ullman Sails to provide new, Fleet 1 compliant mainsails and jibs for a rental fee. Details will be forthcoming.




Ayres Hotel & Suites

Regatta Discount Available

325 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

(888) 724-1575


Lido House Hotel

3300 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 524-8500


Balboa Inn

105 Main St, Newport Beach, 92661

(949) 675-3412


Little Inn by the Bay

2627 Newport Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

(800) 438-4466


Bay Shores Peninsula Hotel

1800 W Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

(949) 675-3463



Save the Date for Class Championships

The 2019 Harbor 20 Class Championship Regatta is scheduled for March 1-3, 2019, to be hosted by the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The regatta will be open to all Harbor 20 Class Association Owner Members.

We are expecting participation from the all Harbor 20 Fleets. For this Championship, there will be no Divisions (eg: A, B, C). Instead, on Friday will be a series of races to seed entrants into groupings.

Watch for the Notice of Race being posted here in August, along with details regarding boat charters, lodging, parties, etc.

Printed Class Roster

All current Class Members can receive a printed Class Roster at no cost. These rosters are printed once a year and must be ordered before printing. To order your roster, go here.

An online Member Roster is available to members at all times, and is the most current database of Class Members. You can access the online Class Roster through the “Members” menu item.

A downloadable PDF version of the printed Class Roster will be made available to members after the 2016 roster is printed.

If you would like to receive a printed Class Roster, order yours today.

Class Association ByLaws Amended

On August 19, 2015, the Harbor 20 Class Association Board approved changes to the ByLaws that intend to protect the one-design class from variances in manufacturing and boat weight. The new Bylaws can be found on the website under the About the Class menu, under Organization, or click here.  A downloadable PDF can be accessed here.

The relevant changes are in sections III.D.1 and III.D.2.

These new rules will be in effect for the upcoming Class Races:  BCYC Harbor 20 Tune up; NHYC Regatta, and the Class and Fleet 1 Championships on October 3rd & 4th. The waterline templates may be used at random during all upcoming events to verify compliance with new class minimum weight rules.

If you feel your boat may be out of compliance, please contact the Class or Fleet 1 Measurers:  Warren Duncan or Michael Volk.

Kids Love Harbor 20s


Kids Love Harbor 20’s

Originally Published 10/3/14

david wilson 4

After decades in the boat building industry, one thing has remained true: kids know how to have fun, and they love sailing. What better way to share some quality time with your little ones than to take them sailing on the Harbor 20 for a day of family fun, sunshine, and fresh air?


The Harbor 20 allows children to sail confidently as the boat responds well even to the gentlest helm adjustment, and they feel safe and enclosed in the cockpit.


david wilson 3


It’s easy to single-hand and built tough for commercial usewhile newbie sailors feel at ease by its thoughtfully designed hull that creates a safe and fun environment while learning to sail. It is the Harbor 20’s versatility of a cruiser and performance racer that intrigues sailing schools across the nation.

david wilson 2

Photo courtesy of David Wilson

The Harbor 20 is the boat of choice for the “Guppy Class” at the South Carolina Yacht Club in Hilton Head, SC.


david wilson 5

Photo courtesy of David Wilson, SCYC

David Wilson, the SCYC Junior Sailing Program Director says, “The SCYC Guppy Class has produced some of the best sailors. It’s for 6- and 7-year-olds. We only take them out on the Harbor 20 and only when the weather is perfect.”

david wilson

Photo courtesy of David Wilson, SCYC


“It is not a baby sitting class; they learn knots, boat part names, and so much more. The Harbor 20 is a great boat to take kids out in because it is safe and stable.”


Photo courtesy of Sail Nauticus


After many months of research and deliberation, Sail Nauticus Academy selected the Harbor 20 as its primary teaching vessel for all of their sailing activities.


Video: Sail Nauticus Academy


Based on the Elizabeth River of Norfolk, Virginia, the Sail Nauticus organization offers various sailing instruction programs for middle-school aged children in the area.

Photo courtesy of Sail Nauticus

Photo courtesy of Sail Nauticus

During their summer sailing camps and their flagship after-school sailing program, Sail Nauticus Academy, the children learn about sailing, water safety, and swimming.


Video: Sail Nauticus Academy teaches sailing, self-confidence


“The point of Sail Nauticus Academy isn’t just to teach kids to sail. It’s about building character and showing them options they otherwise wouldn’t have imagined for themselves,” explains former program director, Bill Bahen (Source: Corinne Reilly, The Virginian Pilot). K.C. Fuller now runs the ever expanding program at Nauticus.

Nauticus_joes job

Video Newscaster Learns how to teach sailing


The Harbor 20 is also a member of Castle Harbor Boating School‘s fleet in Coral Gables, FL. Castle Harbor offers courses for both adults and children taught by ASA-certified instructors.


Photo courtesy of Castle Harbor Boating School


 teens ages 10 – 15 learn the basics of sailing, seamanship, and safety. They also learn about local marine ecology.


Video: Castle Harbor Boating Campers catch baby Leopard Shark


Castle Harbor states that “Self-reliance, teamwork, and analytical thought are just a few of the benefits children take away with them from being introduced to sailing.”


Photo courtesy of OCC


The Orange Coast College School of Sailing & Seamanship in Newport Beach, CA offers youth courses for varying skill levels, and even a class for parents and children to learn together. According to OCC, “sailing requires agility, skill, teamwork, and concentration, and through games, races, and exercises [they] will enhance specific skills including individual and team working skills.”


Courtesy of OCC

Black Rock Sailing School in Boston, MA uses the Harbor 20 in their introductory and basic keelboat courses, guaranteeing students the “skills, knowledge, and confidence to take command of a boat” on their own.

Photo courtesy of Black Rock Sailing School

Photo courtesy of Black Rock Sailing School

With incredible stability and loads of conveniences, there’s no better opportunity to share sailing excitement with family- whether they’re seasoned sailors or not.


From boisterous sea lions to other vessels passing by, exploring the sea is an adventure that will have our kids begging you to take them sailing all the time. Take them sailing in the Harbor 20 and create a family tradition that can be passed on to generations to come. 

Father and Son H20


Sailing Together

Originally Published January 13, 2015


Mayberry RFD

Those of us of a certain age recall the opening sequence of Mayberry RFD. Opie and Andy go fishing together. There is something magic about a Father sharing outdoor activities with his children.  Memories and bonds of those days transcend everything.
david wilson 3

Sailing is one such activity which can be shared and passed down from generation to generation.  Fathers, Children, Grandparents, Moms, and Friends can all participate equally.  
The joy of mastering the mysrteries of wind and water can not be equaled.
The confidence building of skippering one’s own vessel is unmatched for a child.
In this video, we join in a Father and Son Harbor 20 sailing together.  The young man commands the Harbor 20 in a crowded harbor with 40 other Harbor 20s close by.  Magic.
Video: Sailing With Dad

…Sailing introduces a child to “the

 unexpected experience of someone

 taking them seriously…”

david wilson

Nick Hayes is his seminal work Saving Sailing Saving Sailing describes how sailing is simply the best activity with which to impart the values of family, teamwork, and self discipline. Nick Hayes describes some of the deeper appeal of the sailing life:
“…This is one of the central lessons of sailing and one of its prime attractions: you just don’t know what you’re going to get. 
h20_going out
You might not get what you hoped for, for long periods of time. You might have to wait. 
You might have to adjust your expectations. You might have to try again. Most of the essential variables are out of your control. 
But when it comes together, it can be stunning in its beauty and power: graceful, organic, complete and, dare I say, spiritual.
On one hand, it’s the ideological antonym of the phrase “instant gratification”. These rare memorable moments can’t happen without patience, confidence, trust, hard work and the cooperation of many. They directly oppose the X-Box, cable news, and the all-inclusive theme-park.
On the other hand, we can also find an ideological link to the time-honored practice of “living in the moment” and rewards not unlike those that might come from centering through prayer or meditation.
 You find yourself free of distraction and complication and in balance with the world. It’s like you’ve discovered something brand new.

W New Boat happy sailors

But there is another notable and very important benefit: you are there with people you love, and they feel the same way.
In our minds, these moments of common joy and circumstance overwrite the trivial, and stand out as the most important in life. These are the formative events.OCC_sail_scholarship_girls2


When you hear people sharing these stories, it is clear that they’re talking of the best times, and the best people they’ve known.
party_pretty little ladies
And note something else: they’re not talking about something they purchased with cash or credit. 
Indeed, they’re telling you about something that they made… that they created… that they waited for, and then seized upon by their own volition… by investing time and trying again and again as a team and by trusting….”


Every Sailor knows the truth of what Nick Hayes has written.

Even the pups are happy

All of us are truely blessed to be able to sail. We are also blessed with how to impart these lessons to the young. What better joy than to have all ages share this blessing together.



A Printed Class Roster

This year, we will print and mail a Class Roster to all Harbor 20 Class members. We’ve had lots of requests to provide a printed little book, in addition to the website data.


The Roster will be based on the website database information as of January 31, 2015. It’s very important that everyone log into the website and check their data to make sure it’s accurate, and as complete as you want to make it. We provide the opportunity to have Significant Other names and email addresses. But please check and update the information NOW, when you’ve been reminded. Because of the numbers of members, and the amount of data involved, we simply can’t chase each member individually for the update.


To log into the website, enter your username and password in the login form on the right side of the website.  If you can’t remember your password, use the “Forgot” link and it will email you a new password.


If you don’t know your username, try using your FirstName and LastName, with no space: like this:  NikFroehlich.  If you just can’t login, email for help.


Once logged in, you can also see your membership status on the right. If your membership is due to expires prior to March 1, 2015, please use the Membership Renewal menu under Members and renew your membership so that you are included in the printed roster.


We hope you’ll like the printed roster! It’s only as wonderful as all the information provided…

Frostbiting with Gary Jobson

Frostbiting with Gary Jobson

Originally Published April 2014


Sailing in Annapolis is legendary. The Chesapeake Bay is one of the great sailing venues of the world – with exquisite deciduous coastal forests and countless coves and inlets to discover – it provides for a picturesque excursion.


Quiet Dock


Its gentle breezes and generally smooth water make for ideal sailing conditions for both seasoned racers and casual sailors who just want to go for a cruise. A boat that could afford for both experiences would be ideal for this alluring locale.


Relaxing Captain


Versatility is what makes the Annapolis Harbor 20 fleet one of the fastest growing in the region.


H20s Dry Stored


The sportboat with cupholders provides the opportunity for a leisurely jaunt to the neighbor’s house for a summertime BBQ or a quick race with man’s best friend as crew.


H20 Lady sailing with fluffy dog


Even in the winter, the Harbor 20 fleet continues to thrive. With a dry, comfortable cockpit and protection from the wind, Harbor 20s can be sailed throughout the cold season. They are one of the most active frostbiting fleets in Annapolis.


Couple Sailing H20


Local sailing hero, Gary Jobson, raced in the Annapolis Frostbite Series on a Harbor 20. On February 23, 2014, he took the helm of SKIMMER, an Annapolis-based Harbor 20, for owner Peter Trogdon.


 Gary Jobson


It was a cold but sunny day with a 6-8 knot breeze from the North.  Seven of the thirteen Frostbite boats came out that day.


 H20 Sailing


Peter writes, “We were very excited to be racing again because racing had been cancelled several times during the frostbite season due to the ice in the river. John Sherwood, my tactician and coach, and I knew we were in for an amazing day of racing with friend and legendary Americans Cup tactician, author, and sailing commentator, Gary Jobson.”


H20 Fast


Gary wrote, “After weeks and weeks of enduring unusually cold weather, it was a special treat to sail aboard a Harbor 20 on a mild winter day during the Annapolis Yacht Club Frostbite Series. Lucky me, I got to race with Peter Trogdon and the legendary John Sherwood in two races. I found the Harbor 20 to be a great boat for either two or three people.


H20 Spin


The boats are remarkable even in speed. In one race, everything went our way and we were happy with a victory. In the second race, the combination of a slow start and a missed wind shift left us deservedly in 3rd. The open cockpit makes trimming and steering easy. The boat is a joy to sail both upwind and downwind.


H20 Happy Lady


There is a warm camaraderie between the competitors. After the race everybody compared notes. I look forward to my next sail.”


 H20 Dock Gathering Annapolis


After the races, Gary met and talked with all the Harbor 20 fleet sailors.  It was a treat for this relatively new AYC racing fleet to have the opportunity to share their love of the Harbor 20 with a local hero.


 H20 Party


At their post-race get-together, the lively members of the Annapolis fleet are often found donning whimsical hats while recounting the day’s events and gearing up for the next race.


 H20 Hats


The Annapolis Harbor 20 Fleet is completing its Frostbite season, and is looking forward to another action-packed schedule in the Spring. 


H20 Vikings


For more information or to join the fleet, please visit the Annapolis Harbor 20 Fleet page.

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