Santa Barbara Fleet 4 ByLaws

Original Board Approval March 15, 2011


   Date                   Subject

  • 2014                            Appendix (1) added.
  • 20 July 2015              Appendix (2) added.
  • 12 April 2017              Appendix (3) added and Appendix (2) deleted.
  • 12 April 2017              Appendix (4) added.
  • 12 April 2017              Appendix (5) added.
  • 9 May 2017                Appendix (6) added.
  • 1 November 2017     Appendix (7) added.


I.A. Name

I.A.1. The name of the organization shall be the Fleet 4 of the Harbor 20 Class
Association, hereinafter referred to as the Fleet.

I.A.2. Harbor 20 Fleet 4 is located in Santa Barbara,, California.

I.A.3. The Bylaws define the structure and governance of the Fleet, the Rules
govern the people who may participate in Fleet Races, and the Specifications
govern the yachts eligible to participate in Fleet Races. This document is
hereinafter referred to as the Rules.

I.B. Nature and Purpose

I.B.1. Fleet 4 of the Harbor 20 Class Association is a voluntary Corinthian
association. Its purposes are consistent with those of the Harbor 20 Class

I.C. Membership

I.C.1. The Fleet is comprised of Owner Members, Skipper Members, and
Associate Members who meet the criteria for Fleet 4 membership as defined by
the Rules of the Harbor 20 Class Association.

I.D. Governance

I.D.1. The governing body of the Fleet is the Board of Directors (Board),
comprised of the Directors and Immediate Past Fleet Captain, and chaired
by the Fleet Captain, all of whom are entitled to vote. The general duty of the
Board is the furtherance of the purposes of the Fleet and ensuring its growth
and preservation. The Board has the authority to develop, interpret and enforce
the Fleet Rules. The Board shall decide on all Fleet Rules and be ultimately
responsible for resolving issues about their interpretation.

I.D.2. The Board members must be elected in a fair and open vote of the Fleet 4
Owner Members by February 1st of each year. At least three members are to be
elected to the Board (see Appendix 4).

I.D.3. Officers for the Fleet need not be Owner members, shall be elected by the
Board to serve a one-year term, and may be elected for multiple terms.

I.D.4. The Fleet Captain is elected by the Board of Directors and serves a one-
year term, and is to act as the executive officer of the Board.

I.D.5. Directors may elect Officers to perform specific roles such as:

a. The Past Fleet Captain is the Fleet Captain who was most recently in office
and who is available to serve on the Board. He is a voting member, but not

b. The Secretary shall perform the duties as commonly understood and as further
determined by the Board.

c. The Treasurer shall perform the duties as commonly understood and as further
determined by the Board.

d. The Measurer shall insure the conformance of yachts, equipment and crews to
the Class and Fleet Rules. The Measurer will chair the Rules Committee, if and
when needed.

e. The Webmaster shall perform the duties as commonly understood and as
further determined by the Board.

I.D.6 The Owner (as defined by the Class Rules) of each Harbor 20 may cast
one vote in Fleet elections and any other matters presented to the Owners. An
Owner may vote by signed proxy or by email to all Board Directors.

I.D.7. Any changes in these Rules shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of
the Board or a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the ballots cast by the Owners.

I.D.8. The Directors shall vote on a Rules issue first. If the Directors fail to
achieve a two-thirds (2/3) majority, the Board shall decide, by a simple majority,
whether to place the issue to a vote of the Owner Members. Also, a written
petition signed by one-third (1/3) of the Fleet 4 Owner Members shall obligate the

Board to conduct a vote by the Owner Members.

I.D.9. All Board decisions other than a change in the Rules shall be by majority

I.D.10. The Board may replace any Director who cannot properly fulfill the
responsibilities of the office.

I.E. Dues

I.E.1. The Board shall establish the amount of annual Fleet 4 dues. Payment is
due by February 1st of each year. The Fleet may also collect and forward Class

I.F. Fleet Races

I.F1. A Fleet Race is any Class Race so designated by Fleet 4 to distinguish it
from evening races or other informal events (see Appendix 5).

I.F.2. Fleet races will be held in conformance to the participation requirements of
the Class Rules, and the helmsmen need not be an Owner Member or Skipper
Member, unless modified by written notice from the Board.

I.F.3. All Fleet Races are counted for purposes of scoring the Fleet 4

I.F.4. Any Fleet Race so designated by the Board qualifies for the Fleet 4

I.F.5. The Fleet may hold a Fleet Championship in a location, time(s), and
format to be determined by the Fleet. The Fleet Championship will be held in
conformance to the Class Rules. The winner is declared the Fleet Champion,
and may affix a red chevron to his boat’s mainsail under the standard insignia.

I.G. Trophies and Awards

I.G.1. The Board is empowered to designate special trophies and awards.

I.H. Eligibility to Race and Conformance to Rules

I.H.1. A Harbor 20 Class Yacht is defined by the Harbor 20 Class Association
Rules, and which is in conformance with these Fleet 4 Rules. Only Class Yachts
whose Owner or Skipper Member dues are paid are eligible to race in Fleet 4

I.I. Board Decisions

I.I.1. All decisions of the Board shall be published in the Fleet Newsletter or
otherwise circulated for the information of the Members of the Class.


II.A. Except as modified by these Rules, the Rules of the Harbor 20 Class
Association apply to Fleet 4 (see Appendix 7, Part 1 and Part 3).


III.A. Class Yacht

III.A.1. Yachts which are in full compliance with both the Harbor 20 Class
Association Specifications and Fleet 4 Specifications will be permitted to race
in Fleet Races. Any modification of the Class Association Specifications shall
be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of the Fleet 4 Owner Members, and duly
recorded in the Appendix to these Bylaws.

III.B. Measurement

III.B.1. The Fleet Measurer may take supplemental measurements sufficient to
ensure that the construction of the yacht and the equipment aboard conform to
the Class and Fleet Specifications (see Appendix 1).

III.B.2. The Measurer shall not measure a yacht, spars, sails, or equipment
owned or built by him or in which he is an interested party or has a vested

III.B.3. The Fleet Captain may serve as Fleet Measurer when needed.

III.C. Specific Fleet Provisions (see Appendix 7, Part 2)

III.C.1. All yachts need not be kept in the water, i.e., “wet stored,” at all times.

III.C.2. Fleet 4 elects to modify the Class Rule (III.D.12) such that each yacht
shall have a full and complete coat of anti-fouling bottom paint on all underwater

III.C.3. Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the sail replacement
procedure is as defined in the Class Rules.

III.C.4. A sail’s age shall be determined by the delivery date as recorded by
the W.D. Schock Corp. or as the Board may determine by majority vote. For
replacement sails, the age will be determined by the Measurer’s dated approval.

III.C.5. The Fleet has appointed Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers as its sole permitted
sail maker for new mainsails, and Ullman Sails as its sole permitted sail
maker for new jibs. Asymmetrical spinnakers may be purchased from either
manufacturer so long as the measurements conform to class rules (see Appendix 6). No other sail/
sail maker combinations will be allowed. The Board may change this rule by a
majority vote (see Appendix 2  see Appendix 3).

III.C.6. Boat baths are not allowed.

III.C.7   Shrouds and stays shall be 1 x 19 stainless steel with a minimum diameter of one-eighth inch.


(1) Fleet 4 elects to modify the Class Rule (III.E.6 and III.E.8) such that each yacht shall be permitted to have on board and use during a race electric wind indicators, GPS and VHF units unless otherwise noted in the Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions.

(2) All new or replacement mainsails shall be Ullman mainsails (as made to meet class specifications) after the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Holiday Regatta of 2015.

(3) Fleet 4 elects to modify Class Rule III.C.5 so that: All boats shall use Ullman mainsails at the 2017 Cinco De Mayo Regatta and during all subsequent Fleet 4 races.

(4) Fleet 4 elects to clarify Class Rule I.D.2 so that in Fleet 4 elections each boat owner may cast one vote per candidate.

(5) Races shall not be started when the wind exceeds an average of 18 knots or gusts to 22 knots or higher. The Fleet decision should factor sea conditions, current, and rapid changes in velocity.

  • For Wet Wednesdays only in marginal conditions, at 4:45 p.m. the ranking fleet representative racing shall contact all boats on channel 69 to discuss and vote whether to cancel the race. Ranking representative shall be 1. fleet capt., 2. secretary, 3. treasurer, 4. measurer.
  • At all fleet events: Unless a race is underway, any competitor at any time who thinks racing is unsafe may inform the ranking fleet representative by radio or hail by voice. Thereupon, the fleet representative shall contact all other racers on the Race Committee frequency, then switch to an alternative such as channel 69 and take a voice vote. The majority race/cancel decision stands.

(6)  Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet Asymmetric Spinnaker Specifications:

  • Minimum Cloth Weight = 43 grams.
  • Minimum Luff Length = 29.3 feet.
  • Minimum Mid-Girth (ASMW) = 13.9 feet.
  • SLU = 30.3 feet.
  • SLE = 25.8 feet.
  • ASMW = 14.9 feet.
  • SF = 14.5 feet.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker tack point must be no more than 19.5 inches from bow stem.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker sheet lead must be at least 26.0 inches forward of transom corner.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker sheet lead must be ether internal or attached to the outside edge of the cockpit coaming.

(7)  Three changes:

Part 1:  Add to section “Rules II”:  Relative to section II.C.4 of the Association Bylaws, “All crew shall keep their hips within the confines of the cockpit at all times excepting in the need for immediate repair or for safety.”

Part 2:  Add to section “Rules III.C”:  Relative to section III.F.2 of the Association Bylaws, “Backstay tension line may be lead through a simple block attached to the base of the barney post. The cleat location shall not be altered.”

Part 3:   Add to section “Rules II”:  “Spinnaker poles may be deployed any time within the three-boat-length circle (extending outward 60 feet from the mark for Harbor 20s), and will be retracted at the first reasonable opportunity.”