Grand Master Award

The Grand Masters trophy will be awarded to the highest placing skippers over the age of 65 in the A, B and C Divisions at the Fleet 1 championships.

A2023Kurt Wiese
2022Kurt Wiese
2021Kurt Wiese
2020Doug Rastello
2019Argyle Campbell
2018Argyle Campbell
2017Tucker Cheadle
2016Argyle Campbell
2015Argyle Campbell
2014Argyle Campbell
2013Bob Yates
2012Tom Schock
2011Tom Schock
2010Tom Schock
2009Bob Yates
2008Lee Sutherland
2007Terry Gloege
2006Jim Kerrigan
2005Bob Yates
B2023Ed Kimball
2022Greg Newman
2021Greg Newman
2020Jeff Gordon
2019Jay Swigart
2018Win Fuller
2017Pat Scruggs
2016Tom Corkett
2015Tom Corkett
2014Tom Corkett
2013Win Fuller
2012Richard Blatterman
2011Win Fuller
2010Bill Allen
2009Rolly Pulaski
2008Ted Munroe
2007Kathy Sangster
2006Richard Blatterman
2005Glyn Davies
C2023Joyce Ibbetson
2022None Awarded
2021None Awarded
2020Ed Watson
2019Win Fuller
2018Judy Weightman
2017Kathy Sangster
2016Rolly Pulaski
2015Dick Somers
2014Dick Somers