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Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 4 March 2020


Bill Bench                                          Morgan Green                                             Dale Zurawski

Rich Miller                                        Lee Cushman                                               Sandra Denton

Tom Wright                                      Helene Webb                                               J. Jeffryes           

Jane Barrett                                     Wayne Rosing

2020 Long Term Proxies:

      YACHT                              OWNER                                   PROXY

Fleur de Lis                           Al Salzer                                Billy Bench

TachyToo                              Wayne Rosing                      Greg Hopkins

  1. Fleet Captain Lee Cushman called the meeting to order, and gave a short personal bio by way of introduction. Several members thanked him for volunteering to be Fleet Captain.
  2. Geoff Slaff’s Treasurer’s report was mentioned….. he and Lee will prepare a budget for 2020.
  3. As our outside representative, Rich Miller reminded us that the East-West Challenge will take place in Newport Beach this year.  He also pointed out that there is no plan for a North-South Regatta and it may not happen.  Fleet 4 has no hosting duties this year.
  4. Wayne confirmed that he and Morgan will be working the one set of controlling documents to combine the Association Bylaws with Fleet 4’s, and with Fleet 4’s Championship NOR.  Morgan pointed out that their plan will be to first incorporate all of Fleet 4’s Appendices into the body of the Bylaws to make the document manageable for incorporation into a combined document, to make it immediately more useable, and to correct some errors that currently exist.  Rich Miller told us that the Harbor 20 National Association has become incorporated and is also planning to update/rewrite the Association Bylaws this year. Dale Zurawski offered to help with proofreading.
  5. Lee asked for new ideas for 2020 goals and new topics–several were brought up:
    • Get more boats competing.
      1. Rich reminded all that H20’s probably will appeal only to mature sailors.
      2. Helene suggested making a “crew available” list.
      3. Wayne and others discussed the club member requirement for CHRF races and some answers and clarity came from the discussion regarding how to be sure everyone who wants to race races.
      4. Rich pointed out that non-members of the SBYC may compete in Wet Wednesdays, but must pay a fee if they race regularly.
      5. Jane Barrett reminded all that sending out an alert early to get crew or offer crew is important to make sure that skippers and their boats can do a little planning and get to the starting line.
      6. Lee and Wayne suggested an expanded mailing list with all “interested”, “habitual”, and “itinerant” people listed to aid in providing crew.  Morgan volunteered to ask all owners to provide her the details of such a list.
    • Several people took part in the discussion dealing with Fleet 4’s intentions to organize our votes by having topics selected and discussed at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting, possibly with more discussion.
  6. Jane Barrett and Tom Wright said they wanted the option to vote by email.  After discussion by all, a motion was made by Jane, seconded by Lee, and “thirded” by Wayne:
    • Owners can vote by appearing at the appropriate meeting,
    • By emailing a board member his/her proxy beforehand,
    • Or by emailing a board member his vote beforehand.  (A listing of existing long term 2020 proxies appears at the beginning of these minutes and will be repeated in the future.)
    • VOTE:  A vote on this procedure will take place at the next Fleet meeting April 16th.
  7. Boat weighing in 2020.
    • Rich moved that we plan a vote on whether or not to make the planned 2020 weighing mandatory.  Dale seconded the motion.
    • VOTE: A vote on this will take place at the next Fleet meeting April 16th.
  8. Jane Barrett brought up the need for planning meetings in advance so that people can get the dates on their calendars.  After discussion, Lee agreed to target monthly meetings on the third Thursday of the month.  Next meeting April 16th.


Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes 2-20-2020

Harbor 20 Fleet 4 Board Meeting Minutes

20 February 2020

  1. Attendees: 
    • Board Members: Rich Miller, Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing, Bill Hahn, Lee Cushman.
    • Webmaster:  John Jeffryes
  2. Officers for 2020:
    • Lee Cushman agreed to serve as Fleet Captain if elected.  He was immediately nominated and elected.
    • John Jeffryes was nominated and elected to serve as Secretary.
    • The board noted that Geoff Slaff agreed to be Treasurer.  He was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller phoned Tom Wright and confirmed that Tom would be willing to be Measurer.  Tom was nominated and elected.
    • Rich Miller agreed to be the Fleet 4 representative for Harbor 20 Association and national activities (not an officer position).
    • John Jeffryes agreed to continue doing webmaster duties (not an officer position).
  3. Rules to Live By:   Wayne suggested that the Fleet have a set of “Rules to Live By” describing how officers and others interact.  These rules would be day to day guidelines for operating and applying directives such as our bylaws.  No action was set up for this at this time.
  4. Boat weighing:
    • The Board agreed to recommend a 2020 boat weighing.
    • Wayne will write an agenda item so members can decide on details and whether to make weighing mandatory.
  5. New Combined Fleet 4 Bylaws: Wayne suggested creating a single set of integrated H20 Class and Fleet 4 Bylaws that would stand alone and clearly show changes so readers would not have to cross reference.  Morgan said the task would be to collate and integrate the documents, using strikeout marks and different colors to make it easy to see which set of rules applies to Fleet Four.  Wayne and Morgan agreed to compose a draft.
  6. The Board discussed its procedures and responsibilities under current bylaws to clarify for new board members.  Discussion confirmed that all policy issues must be presented to the Fleet owners for votes.  Also reviewed: Fleet 4 relations to the Class and to the Yacht Club.
  7. Special email lists:  The Board agreed to new email lists.  Morgan Green agreed to assemble the lists for 2020.  Suggested lists:
    • Board and Officers
    • Owners
    • Fleet and habitual crew suggested by Owners
    • All of the above and any and all interested
  8. Meetings and Minutes:
    • Morgan Green noted recent misunderstandings, confusion and unproductive flurries of emails among fleet members. She suggested that as a solution, any policy issue must be agendized and presented for “discussion-only” at an initial meeting, and the same item presented again for more discussion and a possible vote at a subsequent meeting. The board agreed.
    • Board members agreed to send out a copy of approved minutes to appropriate mailing list(s) at the same time it is posted on the website to make it easier for people to inform themselves. Getting an email about a new web posting depends on each member being correctly subscribed on the H20 website. In the past this system has been problematic.
    • Board members agreed that meeting minutes will be drafted as soon as possible and distributed to the Board and officers for comments with a two day deadline, then updated, and posted.
  9. JJ will immediately change the Championship NOR to show the deletion of the Holiday Regatta for our Championship series. The 2019 Board made this decision.
  10. Proxy Voting:  The board agreed that Fleet 4 members can cast votes on behalf of absent owners when authorized. Morgan Green suggested bringing or showing an email authorization to document the proxy if requested. No board action.
  11. Next Fleet meeting:  March 4th at 5:30 at the SBYC.  Lee will announce it through an email to all members as soon as possible.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes October 16, 2019

Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet Meeting

Oct, 16, 2019

1. Call to order. Fleet Capt. Rich Miller presiding. Present: JJ Jeffries, Morgan Green, Bill Bench, Wayne Rosing, Bill Hahn, Jane Barrett, Thomas Wright. (Proxies from Geoff Slaff, Dorthy Rosing, Brian Green)

2. Treasurer’s Report – by Rich Miller. The fleet has $3,400.

3. Old Business

a. Since the Miramar Anchor event was so successful, it has been scheduled again for September of 2020.

b. Jibs for boats donated for use in the Centennial and Commodore’s Cup and Woman’s Championship races. SBYC’s yacht club account at Ullman sails is $3,780. The fleet has been offered this amount in compensation for the use of fleet vessels in the above events. It was previously discussed that the money help participating skippers replace their jibs. The current cost of an Ullman jib (including the one-design fall discount) is $876. Negotiations are underway to reduce that price. Rich Miller asks how to allocate the SBYC compensation funds, and how much does the fleet add to that amount to provide an adequate “thank you” to skippers who allowed the SBYC to use their boats?

Motion: by Wayne Rosing and second by Morgan green: Split the funds equally among those skippers who donated their boats for use at least two (2) times in the past three (3) years.

Motion by Morgan Green. Bill Hahn second. Supplement the funds using one half of the fleet’s current treasury  – ($1,700)

Both approved by unanimous voice vote with Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing and Rich Miller voting on behalf of absent members Brian Green, Dorthy Rosing and Geoff Slaff.

Suggestion: Tell the SBYC the boats will be available in the future for $50 each per day, credited to the fleet. Rich Miller will discuss this with the SBYC Sail Policy Committee.

4. Next Year’s Racing Schedule – Rich Miller. The Sail Policy Committee needs to know. 

Motion by Morgan Green, Wayne Rosing second. Remove the SBYC Holiday Regatta from the H20 Championship Series for 2020.

Unanimous approval.

5. Nomination of Fleet Officers: Nominated for Fleet Captain: Geoff Slaff and Caroline Kavanagh. J.J. Jeffries nominated for secretary/treasurer.

6. Added items:

Wayne Rosing reported he is retiring his North sails, ending the experimental evaluation of that brand, The main was fine, the jib was terrible, he said.

– Rich Miller is leaving to race in the East West Challenge at Hilton Head. All other West Racers are from Newport.

– Suggestion for further discussion: With the catastrophic breaking of headstays and forestays, organization a clinic to hire an inspector to go up all fleet vessel masts to inspect for damage.

– Rich Miller motion: Starting this winter then every other year, hire a rigging inspector at the fleet’s expense for all member boats.

Unanimously approved.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes February 19, 2019

Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Board of Directors

Meeting, February 19, 2019

  1. Organization for 2019. Rich Miller agreed to return as Fleet Captain, Rick Yabsley agreed to be Assistant Fleet Captain. Morgan Green will be recording secretary and Geoff Slaff will be Treasurer. Tom Wright will be fleet measurer. Approved. Geoff is to ask J.J. to return as webmaster.
  2. Discussion of North South Regatta, Labor Day 2019:

– North South Regatta on Labor Day Geoff Slaff volunteered to coordinate the event.

  1. Suggestions for events to be considered by the fleet at its next meeting to add more fun factor to the racing season and bolster participation:

Goleta Beach Race: Provide a tow boat for H20 participants to return to Santa Barbara. Provide a tow (sag) boat for racers going to Goleta so they are not late for the BBQ in case of light winds. Race back to Santa Barbara from Goleta. A Harbor 20 prize at the BBQ.

Regattas, one day or two: Currently there are four two-day regattas and three one-day regattas in the Championship Series. Decided to make all one-day events except for Fiesta Cup.

Spare boat sharing to potential newcomers to “test drive” a Harbor 20.

– Geoff said he could loan his boat during his business absences. Discussion but no decision on how to publicize (loaner boat list) including mention in Scuttlebutt, or on an H20 Facebook page or through Pinterest.

Fun Race to Miramar: Inside harbor start, race to off Miramar shore. Finish race, raft up or tie to a big boat for a picnic lunch. Start a home race after lunch, finish inside harbor. Reverse handicap for return race. Gather for dock party afterward.

– Geoff Slaff noted the fleet currently has $4,200 to use for parties, hire a “sag” tow boat or Miramar party boat, or fun race committee boats.

Resume Team Racing, with teams changing on Wet Wednesdays.

–  Friday evening gatherings (racing or training) or other social gatherings.

  1. Discussion of asking SBYC for some benefit in return for the fleet loaning members boats to Yacht Club for special events. Suggestions included spinnaker bags for all, or coaching. Agreed the idea be put to the fleet for a decision.
  2. Next full Fleet Meeting: Suggestion that proposals be condensed into questions to include in an email to boost participation by fleet members. Agreed by consensus. After discussion, March 14 was set for the Fleet Meeting at the SBYC Fleet room, pending availability.

6. Things to accomplish before the meeting: Geoff is to ask J.J. about staying as webmaster and he will to contact SBYC to secure the fleet room for March 14. An email with questions to be discussed is to be sent to all current fleet members.

7. Adjourned by consensus agreement.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 14 March 2019

Santa  Barbara Harbor 20
Fleet Meeting, March 14, 2019
Meeting   convened by Rich Miller. Present, Rick Yabsley, J.J. Jeffryes, Tom Wright,
Morgan Green, Bill  Hahn and Helene Webb,  Tim.  Dave Lampert appeared briefly to
introduce himself to the fleet as a new boat owner.
1. Treasurer’s Report; $4,209 in the bank.
2. Rules quiz.
3. Old Business. None.
4.  Review of minutes and topics from February meeting for fleet action.
– Confirmation by J.J. that he will remain as webmaster, as requested by the board at
the February meeting.
– North South Regatta. Confirmation that Geoff Slaff will handle the Labor Day event,
but some discussion that it may not take place. No action.
– Goleta Beach Race – Discussion about getting an anchored buoy for Harbor 20s to
use. Discussion of “sag” wagon to bring boats to the party if the wind dies., or tow
them  back to Santa Barbara after the BBQ.  Consensus to promote the event, possible
trophy for H20 fleet. No action. Further discussion later at a meeting attended by more
Fleet members.
– One-day Regattas.  Earlier recommendation was for all one-day championship
regattas in 2019 except for Fiesta Cup. Consensus among  the 8 present boat owners
was to confirm that recommendation.
– Fun sail to Miramar Cove. discussion. Rick Yabsley will examine the sheltered area.
Suggestion to start inside Santa Barbara harbor, finish at Miramar. Hand out
sandwiches  and drinks. Conduct a reverse order start for race back to harbor. Happy
hour at the dock. Rick Yabsley is to organize. Tentatively scheduled for August 17 or
– Friday night races in the harbor. Discussion. No action.
– Compensation for lending H20’s to yacht club for one-design Centennial Cup etc.
Discussion. Boats were loaned three times last year. Suggestion, compensation to be
the price of a jib per boat. Rich will discuss with the SBYC Sail Policy Committee.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes June 14th, 2018

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes
Thursday, June 14th
Attendees: JJ, Bill Hahn, Bill Bench, Al, Tom Wright, Jane Barrett, Jane Watkins, Cheryl, Rich, Helene, Ann Hutchins, Dale, Geoff
Treasurer’s Report:
  • Prior to the East West expenditures, the Fleet’s account balance was $4,781.07.
  • The Fleet unanimously passed a resolution to spend up to $2000 of the Fleet’s money on the East West Regatta, if needed for the social events.

Class News:

  • A new mold is being built by Columbia yachts.
  • Boats are still ordered through WD Schock
  • If someone has an old boat this may be exchanged for a new one for $10,000 (plus your old boat). The old boats will be re-furbished and sold for $30,000.

East West Updates:

  • Fleet 4 (Santa Barbara) Team selection process was agreed to. The process is as follows: after the Fiesta Cup the boats will be ranked based on their finishes in the Championship eligible regattas sailed year to date. Starting from the top, skippers will be asked if they are willing and able to compete and the process will continue until we fill out the 4 teams allocated to our fleet.
  • As in the past all of the boats’ standing rigging (i.e. shrouds) will be tuned to the same setting prior to the East West regatta.
  • We will need 14 owner’s reps for each day of racing and probably at least 10 reps for Friday’s practice to held after the spinnaker clinic. So far Helene, Jane Barrett and Tom Wright, Ann Hutchins, Ed Walls, Wayne and Jane Watkins have volunteered to act in this capacity. More are needed. Geoff will send an email to the fleet asking for more reps.
  • Jane Barrett reported on the housing. To date 7 rooms have been requested by the out of town sailors and so far, we have 10 rooms available. We are still waiting to hear back from 7 or 8 more out of town participants so we may need more rooms.

Social Events:

  • Jane Watkins is coordinating the Friday social event at the Maritime Museum. We will be using Stanton’s Gourmet Catering. There just happens to be a surf band playing outside the museum on this night to add to the fun of the evening.
  • Cheryl Miller is coordinating Saturday’s beach party at the club. SBYC will do all the set up and decorating and provide a Luau themed meal with passed apps and then a buffet. Jason Campbell’s band is playing and the consensus at the meeting was to make sure the music isn’t too loud.
  • JJ is coordinating the Sunday awards event at the Carriage and Western Art Museum. The plan is for a western BBQ with Tri-tip and associated sides. Julie Jeffryes will be asked to provide tours for people during the event.

Spinnaker Clinic:

  • Geoff will contact Scott Deardorff to see if he will lead the Friday afternoon spinnaker clinic.

Boat Electronics:

  • Members agreed that ideally boats will all have a compass and nothing more. We need to do an inventory and determine if this is indeed possible.

Logo for the Shirts:

  • Helene unveiled her artwork for the back and front of the shirts and everybody loved it.

Regatta Budget:

  • Including the bids, we have from the caterers for the Friday and Sunday events and from the yacht club for Saturday’s event we are showing an overall deficit for all of the expenses to put this on of about $300. This will be covered by the $2000 from fleet account the fleet members allocated to be used for this event. So far so good. Geoff doesn’t expect this deficit to grow to more than $1000 but we shall see. Everybody working on the various events and other expense related items (i.e. T-shirts) is doing a good job of trying to stay within budget.

Meeting adjourned.


Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 22 March 2018

Meeting called to Order at 5:30PM  March 28, 2018.
Attending: Kevin, Jane, Rich, Tom K., JJ, WER, Bill B., each representing boats.  A quorum of 8 boats represented was recognized.
Discussed Treasurer’s report.  Are we accumulating too many funds?  We have on the order of $4,000 in the bank.   A motion was made for a fleet championship take home trophy.  Passed unanimously, Jane to propose the specifics.
We need clear sign ups from owners so we can be sure about boat counts for East-West within April 15.   Note to follow from Rich to membership.
It was discussed and agreed all boats will be set up the same by the Measurer.
 A discussion ensued about members offering their boats for the E/W, N/S and other special regattas.   The consensus after discussion was  active membership in the fleet requires making their boat available for special fleet activities.  The Board was clear this is a Fleet Owner’s decision to be put to the Owners for a vote.
Boat bumpers for E/W regatta?  Nays carried.
Next a discussion about electronics and Compass function for all boats for the E/W.
The consensus was a compass function is desirable on all boats, but some do not have magnetic compasses.  Tacktics and speed pucks which also display speed we thought to be not in the spirit of no-electronics.  I note many of our wind gauges are electronic as well.  It was agreed this decision needs more work, so the discussion was tabled.  Comments from the fleet are invited.
Last a general discussion of the E/W regatta social events occurred.  We could not reach Geoff by phone so  the balance of the discussion was tentative given Geoff is doing more of the detailed planning.
For social events,  it was proposed we stick to same format as the last event: Friday party event, Saturday Club beach event.  Estimation is 100 participants, we need a proposal, and sort the venue and cost.   We ask Geoff, Jane and Karen K. to propose some options by May 15.
It was proposed we try to have Dave Uhlman to give a clinic Friday afternoon. Rich to pursue the option of a participation trophy in lieu of goodie bag was also discussed.  Jane to propose as part of the May 15 discussion.
Meeting adjourned.



Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 6 December 2017


  1. Call to Order: Rich Miler, Fleet Captain Presiding
  2. Acceptance of Minutes: no Nov. meeting
  3. Treasurer’s report: see above
  4. No report

Old Business

  1. Request – by Fleet Captain to change bylaws so that: “the Board shall propose any changes to the Fleet Rules and present them to the fleet for adoption by a majority vote of the owners.” see discussion and action below. Board approval to submit this issue to a vote of fleet members.
  2. What is a quorum – Presented by the Fleet Captain: What number of board members should constitute a quorum and also, what is a quorum of owners necessary to make a decision?

Proposed and approved: With a 5 member board, a quorum to conduct business is three, and three votes are needed to pass a motion.

Proposed, seconded and approved with 12 votes in favor: The board’s duty is to discuss and propose items to be voted upon to the fleet membership. Ordinary business at a fleet meeting requires a quorum of half the owners plus one, and requires a simple majority of those present for passage. Bylaws changes require a quorum of 2/3 of all owners in good standing and require a 2/3 majority vote of t hose present for passage.

  1. Final confirmation 2018 Championship Series events: Proposed by Fleet Captain: Same series as in 2017 consisting of the SBYC Spring, Summer and Fall regattas, the Fiesta Cup, and Holiday regattas and the Santa Barbara Sailing Club Cinco de Mayo and Goblin regattas. Two throw-outs. 13 votes in favor. Approved. Question: shorten regattas to one day. Failed.
  2. Skipper eligibility: Should the championship series Notice of Race be updated and incorporated into the Fleet Four Rules. The NOR states:

“Each boat shall be skippered by a registered owner or immediate family member, or a designated co-skipper registered with the fleet secretary. A boat may only designate one co-skipper for the series and must participate in at least 50 percent of the series events on the attached boat.”

Motion and second: Accept the above language up update the NOR’s and incorporate into the Fleet Four Rules. Unanimous approval.

  1. Petition to get the Harbor 20 PHRF rating changed so the fleet is more competitive. Request for volunteer to petition. Who is interested in a Hot Rum series Fleet 4 start?
  2. Should Fleet 4 ask the SBYC Sailing Committee to change our Wet Wednesday starting time? Suggested: 4:45 p.m. Proposed: starting time of 4:50 p.m. Unanimous consensus approval. Rich is to ask the committee.
  3. Discussion of potential fleet statement of Corinthian Spirit…sailing by the intent of the rules to bring about fair competition without trying to bend them to your advantage. Issues discussed: drawing the main traveler to weather of center, Long-board fairing. Secretary posed that the actions are not permitted and noted any new boat to the fleet must pass inspection by the Fleet Measurer per the Class Rules which in part state:

II.A.2. These rules intend that no racing advantage be attainable from the absence of features of equipment required for convenient and safe day sailing, nor from modifications to the hull and rigging which makes the yacht deviate from the standard Class Yacht.”


III.D.2 Any alteration to the hull, keel, rudder or spars may invalidate the yacht.

III.D.4  The shapes of molded parts, including hull, deck, interior, keel and rudder shall be those shapes defined by the production molds. Modification of the shape of any molded party other than by fairing to bring it to the shape defined or intended by the production mold, is prohibited.

Regarding running rigging:

III.F.2.d.  Leads and purchase geometrics may not be changed or relocated.

Discussion ended.


Ex Agenda:

Announcement: Rich Miller – Columbia Yachts bought Harbor 20 and plans to relocate construction plant.

Fleet Party – Agreement that the date will be Feb. 11 in the afternoon at Geoff Slaff’s house.

Calls for Nominations for 2018 Board: By Jan. 16. Email balloting to follow with results announced at Fleet Party.



Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 9 October 2017



OCTOBER 9, 2017


  1. Call to Order: Rich Miller presiding. Present, board members Morgan Green, Geoff Slaff, Ann Hutchins, former fleet captain Fred Rice


  1. minutes: accepted.


  1. Webmaster’s report: no report


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Geoff Slaff. Current Balance, $3,509.55 as of Oct. 9, 2017 (see attached complete report)


  1. Basic Rules Review: Discussion of rights of way inside downwind finish zone and upwind finish at committee boat.


Old Business


  1. Class Measurer. Weighing of boats. Tom Wright. The scale was found. All boats underweight, new boats, and boats that underwent alterations need to be weighed. Five total. Tom will select times and send to the owners. Unweighed boats will not be counted in any more race unless they get weighed.


  1. Spinnaker Pole Deployment: Discussion of rules favored by other classes with similar extending poles. Motion: Spinnaker poles may be deployed any time within the three-boat-length circle (extending outward 60 feet from the mark for Harbor 20s), and will be retracted at the first reasonable opportunity. Approved.


  1. North/South Regatta: discussion of keeping activities as simple as possible. Scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, 2018. Fleet Capt. noted that the entry fee of $580 to enter at Annapolis was way too expensive. General consensus that simpler is better. But no decision. To be discussed more later.


  1. Bylaw change. Wording to formalize previous decisions on to matters. See below.


111.G.17 Backstay tension line may be lead through a simple block attached to the base of the barney post. The cleat location shall not be altered.


11.C.4 All crew shall keep their hips within the confines of the cockpit at all times excepting in the need for immediate repair or for safety.




New Business


  1. Do we require a working motor? Discussion after consulting national Class bylaws. A motor does not need to be working. But all Class required motor requirements must be fulfilled. (such as permanently mounted weight in lieu of battery or motor etc.)


  1. Two-day Regattas: Discussion and consensus. Starting in 2018, local regattas shall be one-day only. Two-day events will be scheduled for regattas with out-of-town visiting Harbor 20 crews.


  1. Holiday Party: Discussion of dues and election to coincide with party. Consensus, Annual dues will be due by Jan 15. By the end of the first week in February, there will be an email call by the board secretary for nominees to the board. A vote via confidential email will be called by the board secretary. Results will be announced at the party. The party date is February 11. Location to be confirmed.


  1. East/West Regatta – Hilton Head. Rich asked for people to participate. This subject will be revisited in June with a call for participants.


  1. Class Championship announcement: Anybody participating will have to trailer their boat down to Newport or charter one there.


  1. Nominations for the National Harbor 20 Class Board: Rich Miller and Kevin Cahill, if he agrees to serve, are nominated without objection.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 10 July 2017



JULY 10,2017


  1. Call to order: Rich Miller presiding. Present Geoff Slaff, JJ Jeffries, Helene Webb, Fred Rice, Brian Green, Ann Hutchins, Kevin Cahill, Caroline Cavanagh.


  1. Team Racing presentation. No minutes taken.


  1. Acceptance of previous minutes. Accepted.


  1. Webmaster’s Report. No report.


  1. Treasurer’s Report. Fleet has $3,609.55 in the bank. Small amount spent on meeting snacks and team racing id ribbons.


Old Business


  1. Weighing: Fleet Capt. notes that the Class requires a 30 lb. weight be added to the battery compartment along with a lithium battery. Boats that a still need to be reweighed include Fling, Fleur de Lis and possibly Limoncello. Fred Rice is to contact Bill Hahn to schedule a time to weigh Fling.


  1. Backstay lead change: Brian Green of Amigo advocates approval of running the backstay adjuster line a turning block mounted to the base of the binnacle. Noted, Class rule IIIF.2.d states: running rigging “leads and purchase geometries may not be changed or relocated.” Discussion and motion to approve the optional “Amigo style” backstay lead change for Fleet Four boats. Approved by majority vote of the board and members present with one abstention and 2 “no” votes.


New Business


  1. Response to complaints that Fleet Four needs a rule re when spinnaker poles may be deployed. Discussion. No decision. Tables for further research. Rich is to check with J-70 and Melges Fleets re their rules.


  1. Response to concerns re rule regarding how much of a person’s body may be outside of the cockpit except for emergencies. Class rule IIC4 states: Hiking is not permitted. “All crew shall keep their torsos within the confines of the cockpit at all times, excepting in the need for immediate repair or for safety. Discussion. Proposed: “Hips must remain inside the vertical extensions of the cockpit “walls.” Approved by majority vote of the board and members present.


  1. North South Regatta Date, 2018. Discussion. Fleet rep is to place on the agenda of the SBYC sail policy committee. Fleet consensus suggestion, Labor Day.


  1. Annapolis team members? Rich Miller, Fred Rice and maybe Geoff Slaff announce they are going with crew.


  1. Next team race. Consensus, August 2.


  1. Reminder announcement to sign up for the Fiesta Regatta.





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