Rain or Shine Series

Fleet 1 Rain or Shine Series

The Rain or Shine trophies will be awarded to the A, B or C Division skipper (not the boat) who races in the greatest number of Rain or Shine races for the season.  Any ties will be broken according to A8 of the RRS.  Starting in 03/04, the Rain or Shine scores will be computed on the races between consecutive Fleet Championship Series.

Current Year Leader Board

Previous Winners

Year 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
2017 Walter Johnson    
2016 Pat Scruggs Mark Conzelman  John Whitney
2015 Gary & Karen Thorne Peter & Debra Haynes  Emile & Alice Pilafidis
2014 Peter Haynes Mark Hurwitz, Emile Pilafidis, John Whitney  
2013 Michael Volk Rod Swift Peter Haynes
2012 Peter Haynes Steve Horton Rolly Pulaski
2011 Peter Haynes & Jim Kerrigan Karl Pomeroy, Rolly Pulaski, & Helen Duncan Emile Pilafidis
2010 Peter Haynes John Whitney Nik Froehlich & Jim Kerrigan
2009 Peter Haynes Ted Munroe Emile Pilafidis
2008 Peter Haynes Emile Pilafidis Jim Kerrigan
2007 John FullerPeter Haynes Lee Sutherland Emile Pilafidis
2006 Lee Sutherland Emile Pilafidis Jim Kerrigan & Jack Cannon
2005 Jim Kerrigan Glyn Davies Lee Sutherland & John Whitney
2004 Ted Munroe Lee Sutherland Glyn Davies
2003 Jack Cannon Ted Munroe Neil MacFarlane
2002 Neil MacFarlane Jack Cannon Ted Munroe
2001 Lee Sutherland Jack Cannon Neil MacFarlane
2000 Phil Ramser    
1999 Arthur Strock    
1998 Terry Gloege