High Point Series

Fleet 1 High Point Series

The High Point Series trophies will be awarded to the A, B and C Division skippers (not the boat) who have the best total score for the season in their respective fleets.  The High Point Series scores will be computed on the designated High Point races between consecutive Fleet Championship Series.  The High Point Series scores will be computed using the High-Point Percentage Scoring System as defined by US Sailing.

Current Year Leader Board

Previous Winners

DivisionYear1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
A2022Phil ThompsonLen BoseBob Yates
2021Kurt & Anne WieseLen BoseGary Thorne
2020Kurt & Anne WieseWalter JohnsonLen Bose
2019Bob YatesEd KimballTad Springer
2018Walter JohnsonArgyle CampbellLen Bose
2017Walter Johnson
2016Mark ConzelmanGreg Newman
2015Kurt & Anne WieseWalter JohnsonGary & Karen Thorne
2014Peter HaynesHelen Duncan
2013Gary ThorneBob YatesLen Bose
2012Gary ThorneKurt WieseGuy Doran
2011Tom SchockKarl PomeroyBob Yates
2010Bill MenningerJim KerriganPeter Haynes
2009Jim KerriganTom CorkettTed Munroe
2008Jim Kerrigan
2007John FullerLee SutherlandJim Kerrigan
2006Jim KerriganBob YatesLee Sutherland
2005Jim KerriganTom SchockLee Sutherland
2004Ted MunroeLee SutherlandMark Gaudio
2003Ted MunroeJim KerriganBob Yates
2002Jim KerriganTerry GloegeTed Munroe
2001Lee SutherlandPhil RamserTom Corkett
2000Arthur Strock
1999Arthur Strock
1998Arthur Strock
B2022Peter HaynesTom Corkett
2021Tom Corkett
2020Charlie BoukatherPeter HaynesTom Corkett
2019Tom Corkett
2018Ed KimballLen ConnellyRoxanne Chan
2017Peter Haynes
2016John WhitneyHelen Duncan
2015Mark HurwitzTom CorkettHelen & Warren Duncan
2014Mark ConzelmanTom CorkettLen Connelly
2013Win FullerRod SwiftEmile Pilafidis
2012Tom CorkettJohn WhitneyNik Froehlich
2011Helen DuncanWin FullerRod Swift
2010Nik FroehlichEmile Pilafidis
2009Rolly PulaskiJohn WhitneyHelen Duncan
2008Ted MunroePeter HaynesLen Connelly
2007Peter HaynesRoss WatanabeEmile Pilafidis
2006Len ConnellyRoss WatanabeGlyn Davies
2005John WhitneyHelen DuncanGlyn Davies
2004Len ConnellyJohn WhitneyGlyn Davies
2003Helen DuncanLen ConnellyNeil MacFarlane
2002Helen DuncanBill FundenbergLen Connelly
2001Neil MacFarlaneLen ConnellyHelen Duncan
2000Anna Frances Parker
C2022None qualified
2021None qualified
2020None qualified
2019John WhitneyRoxanne Chan
2018Kathryn ReedJohn WhitneyWin Fuller
2017Mike Kohl
2016Pat ScruggsDick Somers
2015Michael & Ellen Volk
2014Jan HoughtonAndy EversonMichael Volk