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The Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Fleet has been active since 2011 and there are presently 13 actively raced Harbor 20’s in the fleet.  The fleet has been a welcome addition to the one-design scene in Santa Barbara and has been very active in local races.  Because Santa Barbara’s harbor has little free sailing space, all races take place outside the breakwater and this has led to one of Fleet 4’s claims to fame: the fleet has been nicknamed The Ocean 20’s and they handle it all like a dream.  In addition, because of the room, good breezes, and potential advantage, the 20’s are almost always raced with asymmetric spinnakers.


*  Spinnaker Dimensions for the Harbor 20:  See the Fleet 4 Bylaws.

*  Techniques for sailing the Harbor 20 spinnaker:  Click Here.

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*  Fleet 4 Historical Measurement/Weight Data