Boat Handling & Sail Trim – Testimonials

“I learned more about sailing today than I learned in the last 58 years”. – Richard Gregory

“Having been involved over the years with many sail makers, world-class sailors, Star sail development, and the US Sailing team, I am amazed by how overly complicated people can make this sport. Not to say sailing is easy, but your breakdown reached across the entire sport and did a great deal in helping new and casual sailors have a better understanding of why their boats perform the way they do. Having attended this class, I feel I have a better capability in explaining to skipper and crew alike what I am adjusting on the boat.” – Eric Monroe

“The hands-on boat demonstration really helped cement the classroom information”. – Denise Doering Maynard

“I found both the general principals of sailing and the specific references to the Harbor 20 to be excellent. The logical flow of the materials and the visual aids drove the important points home. Showing how it all comes into practice with the live demo on the H20 really capped off the day.” – Marvin MaGee

“By far the most effective training I have had… intense hours of instruction and 100% attendance to the end”. – Bill Davis

“Great Seminar! Outstanding materials presented in a most professional manner”. – Jack Byers

“This was one of the best days with regard to sailing “know-how” that I have spent. I cannot think of anything you did not cover. All useful for both the Harbor 20 and PHRF”. – Cindy Stoeckel

“The course material is exceptional, and the pictures included are very helpful. The live demo really brought the sail shapes into focus.” – Dave Lamb

“I couldn’t be happier about how much my crew got out of this class.” – Nik Froehlich