Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 11 February 2016

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FEB. 11, 2016


Call to Order: Fred Rice presiding – Ann Hutchins, Tom Wright, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, directors, and J.J. Jeffries, Bhrian Resnik, Rich Miller, Leslie Deardorff, Scott Deardorff, Sandra Denton, Helene Webb, Kathleen Bauschke attending.


Treasurer’s Report: Geoff Slaff – See attached report. All 15 boats in the fleet have paid their 2016 dues. After a $380 cost for 50 percent of the cost of a perpetual trophy (Al Salzer contributing the other 50 percent), the current fleet balance is $3,359.67.


Fred reports the Class Association board wants all fleet dues paid by the Feb. 1 deadline so they can put all members into the published roster. Also, they ask that all, including owners, skipper, and associate members, pay now rather than later. Suggestion: Fred is to email all fleet members about the requirement that they pay their dues if they expect to race in any Class Association event.


Minutes: January minutes were posted on the Class website, Fleet Four page. Minutes accepted without amendment.




  1. Board practices: Geoff reiterated the board’s intent to bring issues requiring Board decisions first to the fleet at a general meeting for discussion and possible advisory vote on proposed solutions before the board’s official decisions. The intent is to assure that the fleet’s operation is transparent and all members are informed.


  1. Calendar of meetings: Proposed at the January meeting. Discussion upshot: Agreement by consensus for the board to meet every other month on the 4th Thursday, with these sessions designated fleet meetings as necessary. Fred will check the schedule against the Yacht Club calendar and will report back to the fleet. The next board meeting could be at the end of March, or April.


  1. Weigh-day Feb. 20: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Fred Rice – Unable to get a Class Association scale, or a functioning local scale through Ken Keiding, and finding rental rates too high, Fred reported he privately purchased a 3,000 lb. certified digital scale and will lend it to the fleet for weighing. This way, the fleet can set up as many weighing dates as it needs. Morgan Green suggested that fleet measurer Tom Wright include an all-encompassing liability waiver form to be signed by owners before their boat is weighed. Agreed by consensus. Tom is to create the form. Fred reported the fleet has four volunteers to help on weigh day, February 19. Note: Agreement by consensus that due to unique safety concerns because of the fleet’s open-ocean racing, a heavier anchor than the Class-required 3 lbs. and heavier than the required quarter-inch rode is acceptable during the weighing, but they must be aboard in all subsequent races.


Geoff Slaff wanted the implications of not being weighed clarified for fleet members. Agreed by consensus that such boats can race, but the results will not count toward official Fleet standings. Fred noted that the Class rules deadline for weighing is March 19. Agreement by Consensus that in Fleet Four, owners unable to get boats weighed on time, can seek a reasonable extension from the board.


4.Match Races: Rich Miller suggested them. He will conduct a poll of fleet owners to determine interest.


  1. Friday Starts Practice: Ann Hutchins will coordinate with Ken Keiding, who has volunteered to conduct sessions.



  1. National Board Meeting conference: attended by Fred Rice and Rich Miller. Dues: see Treasurer’s Report. The East-West Regatta: is Oct. 1 and 2 in Newport, without owner representatives aboard. The conference asked preferences of the fleets regarding owner-representatives on boats. Agreement by consensus and show-of-hands fleet advisory vote that Fleet Four wants owner representatives aboard for all spinnaker events here.


  1. Byre Staff Commodore Trophy: Rich Miller reported that the trophy was not awarded in 2015, despite the submission of deed-of-gift paperwork to the yacht club. He proposes the trophy, a ships binnacle, be designated the SBYC One-Design Challenge Cup, based on a series comprised of the Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday cup one-design results. The cup would go to the top boat in the largest one-design fleet in the series. Scott Deardorff suggested Rich work with the trophy donor about the designation, and submit the plan to the club’s new trophies committee.


  1. North-South Hospitality Chairs: Fred Rice – There will be 10 boats in this event. San Diego is not participating. Leslie Deardorff heads the race committee; Caroline Kavanagh is heading up housing. Jane Barrett volunteered to take on email communications with Newport. Leslie reported she and Caroline already have a lot of housing lined up. Rich Miller volunteered his home for the Friday night party; Fred Rice has reserved the club’s beach for the Saturday party, but has not determined cost details. Al Salzer has volunteered to host his dock party on Sunday, but wants to charge to cover expenses. Geoff volunteers as finance chair, and will get last years cost figures to build a budget and help determine what to charge participants. Geoff will send his proposed budget to the above people and meet to determine the charges for participants.

Not determined: who will be in charge of t-shirts. Fred noted that Al Salzer gifted a trophy for the event, and had it reconditioned, sharing 50 percent of that expense with Fleet 1.


  1. Adjournment


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