East-West Challenge

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  • Rod Swift

    Thank you Peter for the good reefing explanation. Rod Swift

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  • Gary Thorne

    Good points, Jon–I agree with you that our races should last longer and have longer legs. It would be worth asking PROs about this.

    One way to get longer legs and races is to start at the leeward mark and finish at the weather mark. When RCs use separate start and finish lines, they already have a finish boat that could handle a windward finish as easily as a leeward one. With leeward finish lines, we seldom achieve the goal of starting the As before the Cs finish, because the Cs are racing downwind through the starting line until just before they finish. However, with a windward finish, we could start the As as soon as all the Cs round the leeward mark–once the Cs finish at the weather mark, they’re not racing anymore and could sail around the As coming upwind.

    For races in the turning basin, I think it’s more important to stay out of the NHYC moorings than to have long legs, so I wouldn’t advocate putting the weather mark in the moorings in a southerly. However, we could ask PROs to set leeward marks as close to X mark (in a southerly) or Harbor Island as the wind direction allows.

    Thanks for starting this discussion!

  • Per Trebler

    Jon’s comments are right on. I have participated in past NHYC races as crew and have noticed the congestion that builds, particularly around marks. I’ve wondered why the courses are like sprints which didn’t seem to allow the skippers to develop and execute strategies to overcome less than good starts. I also raced Thursday, my first as a skipper, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (notwithstanding my results).

    Per Trebler
    Spiritus #117

  • Nik Froehlich

    This comment was sent via email to the Webmaster from Robert Kinney, and posted as a comment:

    Fellow harbor 20 sailors

    I want to agree with everything that Jon mentioned but I will respond from the PRO side.

    Wind direction:

    When the wind is right of 230 we have the ability to run nice long races that allow us to put a leeward mark down close to bay island which gives us the preferred distance that Jon mentions.

    When the wind is between 230 and 190 we start to limit the length of the. Course we have available. Traditionally NHYC has chosen to stay out of the main channel and allow BYC’s beer can racers a unmolested sailing area.

    Going to a 170 to 190 wind direction gives us even less room to operate. In these conditions I have found that running a triangle windward leeward course helps reduce the clutter of boats in the middle of the course

    When the wind goes to the left of the 170 all bets are off as our available race area shrinks even more.

    Starting line.

    It is my experience with the h20 a class that a longer line helps to eliminate the big mess at the start. The race committee must ensure that the leeward pin is not placed right on top of a moored boat. With a bigger more competitive fleet a square line becomes way more important. If we have a starting point instead of a line all the good guys want to be right there.

    The weather mark:

    Many times the weather mark is placed right next to a moored boat. I particularly like the ones inside a boat length as they make it “extra interesting”

    The real issue is that we have too many boats on our little tiny course.
    Some solitons might be…

    Sail the As on Wednesday night where they could have their own race track. This reduces the social part of Thursday night but the fleet has to decided if this is a racing deal or social? This would allow you to go all the way down the bay from q to x, lengthen the course by almost double.

    How about on Thursday you can’t bring
    Your pro crew? Wife girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other only. That Would surely detune the whole thing…

    How about a 4:45 start which would allow us to use longer courses?

    The solution for the sabots was two separate race courses. Possibly we need to think about this. The current thinking is that 15 harbor 20’s on a line is about all the course can handle.

    It would also be nice if a few more people did their penalty turns on the course as there seem to be a few boats that are above the rules.

    The racing will continue to get tougher as more folks jump in. This is all food for thought.


  • Gary Thorne

    Dan O’Sullivan and I are sailing–hope to see you out there. I know this can’t be an official race because the Bay Club isn’t affiliated with US Sailing, but it sounds like fun anyway. (I’ll let the Bay Club know they need to join US Sailing if they want to have official races in the future.)

  • Wayne Harvey

    We at the bay club are just starting at this. The bay club has a rich history of boating, and we are trying to bring some of it back with our new Mariners Club (club within a club) and are holding a couple events this summer.. We have no intentions to be a sanctioned yacht club, but we are pursuing US Sailing status for events like this. I would say this first event is a “quasi official” fun event with food and drink back at the bay club. So please join us, Btw, you don’t have to have a BBC member on your boat. It can be your own crew. Call me with any questions. 949.702.1900.

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  • Ed Kimball

    I wish more people would sign up for the CHOC regatta. Historically trophies, and freebies have been outstanding!

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  • Ed Worth

    Would someone call me at 949 220 9063 and help me access the website since I have trouble using my password and re-setting it. Also how much do I owe for this years dues? Now that the weather is improving we want to join the racing in Harbor 20 #13 “Tacking Lady”. Thank you

  • Ed Worth

    Would someone please call me at 949 220 9063 and help me access the website since I have trouble using my password and can’t re set it. Also how much do I owe for this years dues? Now that the weather is improving we want to join the racing in Harbor 20 #13 “Tacking Lady”. Thank you

  • kelly krantz

    Hello do you know of any Harbor 20 boats currently for sale,if so can you please e-mail me their information

    Thank you

  • David Vickland

    I would like to purchase spinnaker gear for my Harbor 20, berthed in San Francisco Bay.

    Specifically, I would like to get my hands on the retractable pole and whatever brackets and tackle hold it in place and allow it to move.

    If nobody has any of the above for sale, I would like to get a diagram or photographs of the pole system so that I can build and install it myself.

    Thank you,

    Dave Vickland
    H20 #299
    510 507-0005

  • Dan Vordale

    Hi Fleet 4. Looks like all is well with you. I have a H20 rudder with a bit of a bent shaft (Snagged a mooring line in Newport) but the rudder itself is in good shape. Anyone interested in it, Let me know.

  • Ed Worth

    Carolyn and I will participate in “Tacking Lady” Harbor 20 # 13. How do we register? Ed Worth

  • Ed Worth

    Carolyn and I will participate in the Friday Frolic in “Tacking Lady” Harbor 20 #13. How do we register? Ed Worth

  • Richard Miller

    I want to sign up for skipper, crew, and non participants but it won’t let me sign up for skipper or crew. I also need housing for 2 couples. Who do I contact.

    Rich Miller richyj61@gmail.com

  • Philip Thompson

    Well said Peter!! We are fortunate. I have recently found many of the captains in the harbor to have been more than polite to us on many occasions recently, we need to feather the nest by not putting them under too much stress in return.

  • dgeissmann

    This will be Parker’s (age 1) first race!!! Can’t wait! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  • Jim

    Great job, Chris! Very clear instructions!
    Another alternative is to just save the time and replace with LEDs.
    Amazon has a pair of ALLOMN ABS (plastic) LED lights for about $30.

  • dgeissmann

    Anyone know what the dress code is this year?

  • Ed Kimball

    This is the fanciest event of the year, so cocktail attire would be good. I will wear my yacht club blazer.

  • Richard Brown

    Can you tell me how you measure the mast rake on a Harbor 20? Do you run a tape measure to the top of the using the main halyard? Where do you take the other end of the tape measure – is it the outside edge of the transom?
    What do you do if this measurement is 31′ 4″ – which is significant more then your recommended 30′ 4″
    How do change the mast rake to 30’4″?

  • Richard Brown

    Can you tell me how to measure the mast rake of a Harbor 20? Do take a tape measure to the top of the mast using the main halyard? Where do measure to – is it the middle of the outside edge of the transom?

    What is best way to change the mast rake?

  • Stephen Cavanagh

    Fleet two based out of the Coronado Cays Yacht Club Has finally reached critical mass. We have an active racing fleet of 5-8 each week during beer can season and regular activities in the off season. Yesterday we had six boats out for three impromptu windward leewards in front of the Club then the bar!

    I have been elected again as fleet captain but could sure use some help getting us active with the association. We will be better about traveling this year for your north south event.

  • Kathie

    Can I use your 4 knot wind sailing instruction for the Womens Sailing Convention?
    Kathie Arnold

  • Ross Watanabe

    To clarify, if we’re a member of fleet one:

    Should we send $75 (fleet one dues only), and if so, how should we pay the class dues ($15)?

    Alternatively, send both ($90)?

    If we’re not a member of fleet one:

    Should we send the class dues ($15)?


  • Nik Froehlich

    Good questions Ross.

    If you are Fleet 1, send the entire $90 and the Fleet will send the Class their portion.

    If your not a member of Fleet 1, you are encouraged to use the Website to pay your annual membership dues. If you renew before Feb 1st, your payment will be pro-rated to Feb 1st (literally charged less than $1). If you pay on Feb 1st, you will be charged the full $15 annual fee. If your renewal is sometime after Feb 1st, pay your renewal upon your membership expiration date.


  • Geoffrey boyce


    Exciting and I would love to attend but I am out of the country until the 15 of March. Is there another date you will be giving the seminar?

  • Ross Watanabe

    Thanks Philip!!!

    Excellent article long overdue, as the motor is the only disappointing thing about the boat.

  • Gary Thorne

    FYI, you can sign up at https://flightofnewportbeach.com/ by clicking the “Register Online” link at the top of the screen. (This is different from the link in the above post.)

  • Bob Yates

    Sorry that we are out of town and missed all the fun. Just wait for next year…..

  • Bill menninger

    I will be racing my boat

  • John Davies

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for getting this going, lots of fun ahead!

  • Mike

    Thank you all for doing this! My father always enjoyed racing with you all and loved “All the Hoopla” afterwards. We will have a few framed photos on display of him aboard A-Tack Dragon and will be saying a few words, but promise to keep it brief. He would definitely have wanted you all to get home to the football game!

  • Shana

    Oh did we mention Draft Beers, Banjo Pickin, Professional western roping expedition and great fellow Harbor 20 competitors!

  • Gary Thorne

    FYI, the NHYC Twilights web page is now accessible by non-members. Even if you registered for previous Twilights series, you’ll need to register for the Sept. Twilights.

  • Ross Watanabe

    This award should be added to the fleet 1 awards page.