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Membership in the Class Association is for one (1) year, beginning on February 1st each year.  On February 1st of each year, you will need to pay the full annual Class Association membership fee.


Some Fleets have their own membership fees in addition to the Class Association fee. If your Fleet collects its dues along with Class dues, your Fleet Membership payment will also be pro-rated to the February 1st renewal date. On February 1st of each year, you will be required to pay both your Class and Fleet dues.





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The Harbor 20 Class Association is a voluntary Corinthian association. Its purpose is to promote the continued enjoyment of Harbor 20 Class Yachts in fair, Corinthian, one-design racing, and in day sailing and other social activities, and to promote friendship among owners and crews.


An online Member Roster is available to members at all times, and is the most current database of Class Members. You can access the online Class Roster through the “Members” menu item.


Fleet membership must be purchased separately.

These are the official Harbor 20 Fleets as recognized by the Class Association

Fleet 1 – Newport Beach, California. (Additional Membership Fee)

Fleet 2 – San Diego / Coronado, California

Fleet 3 – Hilton Head, South Carolina (Class and Fleet Fees Collected Locally by Fleet 3)

Fleet 4 – Santa Barbara, California

Fleet 5 – Annapolis, Maryland (Class and Fleet Fees Collected Locally by Fleet 5)

Fleet 6 – Charlotte Harbor, Florida

Fleet 7 – Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Fleet 8 – Eugene, Oregon

Fleet 9 – Mission Bay, California


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Owner, Skipper, Associate


Fleet 1 – Newport Beach, Fleet 2 – San Diego, Fleet 3 – Hilton Head, Fleet 5 – Annapolis, Fleet 6 – Charlotte Harbor, Fleet 7 – Smith Mountain Lake, VA, Fleet 8 – Eugene, OR, Fleet 9 – Mission Bay, California