W.D. Schock Regatta Check-in Requirements – Transponders

If you are registered to race in the W.D. Schock Regatta this weekend, please note: There is a mandatory check in from 8:30 am until 10:45am followed by a mandatory Skipper check in at 11am.

The first warning is schedule at 12:00pm

At the check in, all race participants will be issued a transponder to carry on their vessel which will record their track in real time which spectators will be able to watch on a monitor in the club! This transponder will track the actual course taken by each vessel as they race the course allowing spectators to watch the action as it happens.  Each vessels track will be identified by their sail number as they move up and down the course against the competitors.

After the race, the entire races will be replayed so competitors can analyze their strategy and tactics – and eventual results.

Please make sure you arrive at the NHYC prior to the mandatory 10:45am check in to receive your vessel transponder.

The NOR’s, Entry and other information can be found here


  • Gary Thorne

    FYI, I just confirmed with Charlie at the NHYC race office that we can check in until 10:45, as stated above, even though the Notice of Race has different times.

  • Yes, your right. I should have mentioned that fact that the 10:45pm check is extended from the NOR’s. Thanks for verifying again Gary.

  • Glyn Davies

    This is an onerous requirement for people who keep their boat at the other end of the bay and have to sync their crew as well. Can I check in by phone and if so who is my contact?

  • Glyn,

    I don’t believe the check in requirement is related to the transponders, other than they will use this opportunity to distribute them. The check in requirement is for all classes of boats participating in the event and is part of the NOR’s. They have extended the check in to 10:45 (an hour and 15 minutes prior to the first warning).

    According to the NOR’s, the contact is:
    Charlie Underwood
    NHYC Race Administrator
    (949) 723-6870 office direct
    Email: raceadmin@nhyc.org

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