Sail or Sink Event A Success!

Fleet 1 held their first “Sail or Sink” ocean race on May 21st.  Eleven boats reached the starting line near the Balboa pier in 7-10 knots of wind.  It was a perfect day of sailing and without a single Duffy or Wedding boat to deal with.  The boats all started off of the Balboa Pier and sailed upwind approx 3 miles to a bell buoy.  It was interesting as we rounded the bell buoy the TP52’s and others were finishing at the same bell buoy.  I am sure more than a few of them thought we were lost!  After racing all participants gathered for a burger bash and a few drinks.  Great stories were told and everyone in attendance said it was one of their most memorable H20 sails ever.  The finishing order was – 1st – Karl Pomeroy #262, 2nd – Steve Woodruff #300, 3rd Peter Haynes #201.  A number of bottles of wine were handed out as trophies.   Hopefully more races can follow in these perfect waters for our boats.



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