Class Championship Participation Rules

The Fleet 1 and Class Championships are soon upon us. NORs and Entry is available already on the Championship Regatta Page.

The Championship Regatta has some special rules in effect regarding participation. Those rules are outlined in the Class Bylaws. The participation requirements are as follows:

II.D.1. Championship races are special events for boat owners. For Class Championships and Fleet Championships, the Helmsman must be an Owner Member who has been a member for over 60 days. In the case of multiple Owner Members, the Helmsman is the one who signs the entry form.

II.D.2. Boats that are racing must have been kept in the water continuously for 60 days prior to Class Championships and Fleet Championships.

II.D.3. The crew for Class Championship and Fleet Championship Series must be a person who meets the basic principles and intent of these rules (Section II.A.4), and they must have sailed in at least twelve Class Races in the same boat during the time period between the last Class or Fleet Championship Series and the Class or Fleet Championship Series under consideration. Paid professional sailors and full-time sailing coaches must have been retired for at least three full years.

II.D.4. Only the Helmsman shall steer the boat during a race except for momentary relief in non-tactical situations.

II.D.5. Hiking is not permitted. All crew shall keep their torsos within the confines of the cockpit at all times, excepting in the need for immediate repair or for safety.

II.D.6. It is intended that strict adherence to the rules specified in this section be maintained. However, a member with special circumstances, may petition the Class or Fleet Board for a variance in these II.D Rules using the provisions of I.D.15. This should be done well in advance of the event.

II.D.7. The Class or Fleet Measurer may require the first five finishers be inspected at the finish of each race.

II.D.8. The Main Sail is to be manufactured by Elliot Pattison Sailmakers, and the Jib Sail is to be manufactured by Ullman Sailmakers.

See you at the Championships!

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