SSYC Ocean Series Starts This Saturday

The brand new SSYC Ocean Series starts this Saturday! If you have not registered yet, so so now here.

This 4 series race is designed for those that want to experience Ocean racing in the Harbor 20. However, if conditions are such that an ocean race is not ideal for a Harbor 20, the race will be held inside the harbor.

This is a four series race, with trophies being awarded at the conclusion of the regata late in 2012. The sign up fee is only $10.

Go to the page about the race to get more details, and if you want to race this weekend, sign up now. NOR’s and Online Signup are available now.


  • Great Idea should be fun !

    Please use safety precautions when sailing H20s outside:
    1) H20s built after approx. hull #150 usually have positive floatation installed at the factory. Those built earlier do not have factory installed positive floatation. The Santa Barbara Fleet requires all H20s have positive floatation because they sail outside. Positive floatation is of critical importance when sailing a open boat in the Ocean.

    2) Wear PFDs – don’t just have them stowed in the cuddy.

    3) Bring a bailer or a handpump or both

    4) Bring a VHF

    5) Dress expecting to get spray over the bow, especially crew

    I’ll try and join everyone for the next SSYC ocean series.

    Enjoy !

  • Thanks Alex for this input and advice. We have an agreement with the hosting yacht club to move the race INSIDE if outside is not Harbor 20 friendly. But I still agree with Alex….this is not the harbor, and the Harbor 20 was not designed for Ocean Racing. Think ahead, be prepared, be smart.

  • Nik,

    The Samta Barbara Fleet sails outside with great success. They follow some simple precautions and have. Slot of fun.

    Wish I could be sailing with everyone tomorrow

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