Fleet 5 at the Annapolis Yacht Club

The fastest growing fleet at the Annapolis Yacht Club is the Harbor 20. We currently have 12 Harbor 20’s registered in this years AYC Frostbite Series. The Series starts on Nov 6 and runs on sundays through March. The Harbor 20 has been a successful addition to a number of other Yacht Clubs fleets across the nation. AYC is Fleet 5 in the National Harbor Class Association.


  • Jack cannon

    I guess they race the H-20’s dry. I wonder how much difference that makes? Inquiring would like to know.

  • Howard Brooks

    I really cannot give you an answer since we have only dry raced the H-20’s. I’m sure that a clean bottom makes a big difference, but we have not experienced any thing else. I will ask around the other skippers to see if they have raced in other conditionsl
    Best regards from Annapolis
    Howard Brooks

  • Peter Trogdon

    Last week we had 12-14 knots and 10 boats racing. The lead boat around the marks has been in the water and bottom painted for years. I followed him within 2 boat lengths the entire race at all points of sail. I feel that in those conditions he had no noticable handicap. Peter

  • Gil stouch

    Are there currently any H20’s for sale in Annapolis



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