C Fleet Scrimmage on Sunday

Two of the C Fleeters (Nina Manning and Michael Volk ) are going to meet at 1300 in the Turning Basin for a fun, very low key, scrimmage. Alexander from WD Schock will sail with Michael Volk and mentor the group.

They will do some starts as well as upwind speed tuning.  Intent is to be informal and low key.

Invite extends to any and all who are interested in joining.



  • Please be aware that NHYC and UCI are hosting a 57 team (boats) High School Regatta in CFJs in the turning basin Saturday and Sunday beginning at 11 am daily. This is an annually scheduled event. ‘M’ mark may be a better location to practice.

  • Should be a fun experience for C-Fleeters – dodging 100’s of CFJ’s racing 🙂

  • Hortons

    Count us in…. Let us know if the location changes.

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