East Coast Wins The Challenge

The  East / West Challenge Perpetual Trophy traveled from the East Coast to NHYC earlier this week, and now, it is headed back to the East Coast again. On day two of the Harbor 20 East/ West challenge, the weather was perfect, the wind was steady out of the South East at about 7-9 knots, the mooring field was clear of boats and moorings, and the dredger was no where to be seen. A very unique situation and one not seen at NHYC in decades. Heading into the day, the East Coast team of Fleet 3 (Hilton Head) and Fleet 5 (Annapolis) had an 8 point lead over the West Coast team of Fleet 1 (Newport Beach) and Fleet 4 (Santa Barbara).  But after 4 races on Sunday, and a total of 8 races, the East Coast team widened their lead and took the prize. Individual Winners

  1. Tom Schock (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)
  2. Scott Deardorff (Fleet 4)
  3. Karl Pomeroy (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)
  4. Lee Sutherland (Fleet 1)
  5. Ed Kimball (Fleet 1, sailing for Fleet 5)

East Coast Team

Fleet 3 – Hilton Head

Domenico De Sole, Joe Highsmith, Paul Miller, Peter Brower, Tom Webster, Ned Nelsen, Kevin Keogh, Marvin Carlson

Fleet 5 – Annapolis

Karl & Cole Pomeroy (Fleet 1); Ed Kimball & Anne Costello (Fleet 1); Marshal & Susan Steele; Tom & Jane Schock (Fleet 1)

West Coast Team

Fleet 1 – Newport Beach

Rolly Pulaski, Peter Haynes, Helen Duncan, Lee Sutherland, Nik Froehlich, Jeff Gordon, Tom Corkett

Fleet 4 – Santa Barbara

Richard Miller, Tom Kelleway, Chester Gillmore, Ann Hutchins, Scott & Leslie Deardorff, Al Salzer, Bill Bench

Full results can be downloaded here.



Complete online photo albums will be posted to this website once the photos become available.


  • Scott Deardorff

    Intense competition and fantastic hospitality. Thank you Fleet 1 for a well thought out and run event.

  • Terry Drewry

    The East/West Challenge was friendly competition to the max. What fun to hear, “Hey Buddy, can I go in front?” and, “I owe you one!” What fun to be included! The racers seemed to like the 3rd crew, because they put me to work. I learned some neat stuff and hope I shared a bit more of the famous local knowledge than, “There is the Lido Lift and that is a Dredge.” I heard many kudos to the hosts, enjoyment of racing in a class larger than their usual, local turn out and hopes and plans to do it all again.
    Thank you so,

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