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To our Fleet One members,

We have recently created a Harbor 20, Fleet 1 Facebook Page so you can see how much fun we’re having.  It contains all the social elements of sailing, racing, and off the water events.  There are hundreds of photos in different photo albums from regattas, parties, and other events that are available for you to copy, download, and share on your own Facebook page or with your friends. You can find the most recent photo albums on the “Newsfeed” (as Facebook calls the main page) or by going to the box at the top of the Facebook Page called “Photos”.

The Facebook Page contains limited regatta results with links to the host yacht club and the Harbor 20 Class Association website.  It also contains articles about recent events (such as the W.D. Schock Memorial Regatta).  You can make comments at the bottom of the articles or just click “Like”.

Also at the top of the main Facebook Page, there is a box called “Notes” in which you will find the lists of winners for each of our perpetual trophies that go back to as early as 1997 when our fleet was created.

Finally, you can post your own photos, news, and articles onto the Facebook Page for the enjoyment of everyone in the fleet.

If you click on this link, it will take you to our Facebook Page:


If you would like to join our Fleet One Facebook Page to receive our news, updates and photos, please click “Like” on the homepage.  You will find the “Like” box next to the words “Harbor 20, Fleet 1, Newport Beach, CA” underneath the photo at the top of the Page.  When you click on it, “Like” will change to “Liked” and that all you need do!

We have also created an email address that you can use to contact us.  It is Harbor20Fleet1@hotmail.com

We hope to see you out on the water soon!


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