A More Perfect World Sailing Harbor 20s, Part 2

Dear Members of Fleet 1 of the Harbor 20 Class Association,

Last Friday we announced that the H20 Fleet 1 Board of Directors voted to implement a plan to divide the Newport Harbor fleet into three formal Divisions: A, B & C.  The aim is to continue great racing for all sailors by dividing the fleet into three divisions, each having approximately the same number of skippers.

Our current “One Design Fleet” is by any World Standards a spectacular success both in the level of competition and in the quality of our off water activities — no other fleet comes close.  We have a broad range of sailing abilities from entry-level sailors and returning experienced sailors to Olympians, National Champions and most recently Collegiate All-Americans.  What other fleet races all year-round and seven days a week in the summer?  This is a Perfect World of Sailing!

To maintain any perfect World we have to make small corrections and changes.   These changes aim to ensure we have fair, even sailing, without overcrowded start lines and with races that do not negatively impact other users in the Harbor.

Peter Haynes has analyzed and computer modelled our fleet extensively.  He reviewed 12 months worth of High Point race results and found that overall we had 58 races with 77 skippers competing.  On average, during popular regattas, 50% of this pool of 77 racers competed.  Based on the total pool of racers and the average participation, the Fleet will be divided into three equal divisions (A, B and C) each containing a pool of approximately 25 skippers. With historical average participation of 50%, we expect races to contain from 10-15 participants.

Movement up or down between the Divisions will be almost identical to what has historically worked very well between the current A and B divisions. Appendix A to the Fleet 1 Bylaws has been revised for the new Fleet Divisions and is posted on the Harbor 20 Website, under Fleet 1, Bylaws.

In simple terms, qualification for Divisions will be as follows:

  • Movement up into the next Division will be by either:
    • Winning a Two-Day Regatta
    • Or by Winning Two One-Day Regattas within a 12 month period
  • Maintaining your status in a Division A or B will be by:
    • “Placing” during a High Point Regatta within a 12 month period
  •  As before, Sailors have the right to Petition the Board if they feel they should sail in a Division other than where they currently are qualified.
  • For details see the amended Fleet 1 Bylaws and Appendix.

The new fleet divisions will become effective at the Mid-Winter Regatta on February 15, 2014. The Board Subcommittee expects to announce the new roster of skippers in each Division (A, B and C) within the next week.


Warren Duncan, Chairman of  The Board Sub-Committee for Fleet Improvement

Emile Pilafidis, Fleet 1 Captain

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