H20 Tuning Day

All H20 Fleet 1 members and crew are invited to Tuning Day to share tuning tips, learn more about tuning technique, make adjustments, repairs and socialize with fellow sailors!  Sponsored by Fleet 1 of the H20 Sailing Association; this is a free event.  Sail your H20 to the Lido Isle Yacht Club Dock or join other boat owners and crews.

Date: February 22, 2014

Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm

Venue: Lido Isle Yacht Club


10:00am Welcome sailors. Boats secured on the docks.

10:30am Tuning Tips- Peter Haynes and Bill Menninger give a brief review of rig tuning and sail trim under various weather conditions. The Schock Factory will be participating in the Q & A.

11:15am Lunch available to eat on the patio or dock.

11:30am Boat tuning and repairs begin. Experienced sailors will be on the docks to share tips and assist with tuning. Loos Gauges will be available for shroud adjustments.

2:00pm Tuning Day concludes

Lunch and Refreshments are compliments of Fleet 1.  (You must RSVP to receive Lunch and Refreshments)

The Schock Factory will have many parts for sale so we invite you to work on your boat repairs during Tuning Day. If you share your plans for any unusual on-site repairs, we will inform the Schock Factory in advance.

Please RSVP no later than February 19th: Michael Volk, michael@mvaarc.com


  • Emile Pilafidis

    Looking forward to our 2nd annual Tuning Day!
    I will be there with Party Globe to participate and learn.
    Last year we had 20 H20s and 60 people and this year we will probably exceed those numbers!
    It is a fun event!

  • Shana

    The Harbor 20 Social Committee is in full swing planning nourishment for all the hard working sailors….rolling our sleeves up! Thanks to Michael & Ellen for always spear heading this event!

  • Factory is thrilled to be a part of the tune up day.

    Carol will be there again with all her Harbor 20 bits and pieces just in case anyone needs any last minute part. Factory will also bring 2 Harbor 20 shop experts who will be able to perform just about any on the spot job.

    What great fun.

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