Four Brand New 2015 Harbor 20’s



I have four (4) 2015 Harbor 20’s, three are being built right now. One will be ready to be delivered anywhere in about one week. Great class and class association. If interested please call or email and I will send you more information. They are Priced to sell fast. White Hulls & Blue Hulls available.

Please only serious inquires!
Note: Pictures do not represent the actual boats.  (415) 724-8566 or (415) 944-8028


  • J. Burch

    Fully interested and trying to find a clean, white, Harbor 20.
    Price please..?
    Jeff Burch
    Newport Beach

  • Jeff,

    If interested in used, factory will have a clean white trade-in coming in about 2 weeks. 14 years new

    If interested in new then speak to Alfonso or Walter Johnson if you are in the OC. Otherwise look up your dealer in your area

  • Please note WD Schock does not have any relationship if any sort
    with Alfonso nor does WD Schock have any relationship with Corso Marine.

    These boats were bought by a third party, then re-sold to Corso Marine., who is apparently re-selling them again.

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