Sail Purchase Window has Opened

The Fleet 1 approved sail purchase window is October 1st to November 30th, 2014. This is your only opportunity to buy new sails until after the 2015 Championships!

According to the Class bylaws:

III.H.8. For a Class Yacht, the Owner may purchase one jib sail in each calendar year and one main sail in every second calendar year.

After purchase, the Fleet 1 Measurer will inspect, measure and sign the sail before it may be used.

According to the Fleet 1 bylaws:

III.C.7. The Fleet has appointed Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers as its sole permitted sail maker for new mainsails, and Ullman Sails as its sole permitted sail maker for new jibs. No other sail/sail maker combinations will be allowed.

The cost of a new mail sail from Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers is $1,594.  They are offering a 20% discount to Fleet 1 members: $$1275.20.  They can be reached at 949 645-6697.

Ullman Sails is offering the jib sail at $774 with 10% discounts available for 100% deposits. Download their flyer hereUllman Sails can be reached at 714-432-1860

If you are buying a new Mainsail, consider donating your old one to NHYC for possible use in the Baldwin Cup team races.



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