Class Association Board Nominations

Harbor 20 Members:

On December 5th, 2015, an email was sent to all active members announcing the nomination of the 2016 Class Association Board of Directors.  Due to a technical issue, many of these emails diverted into SPAM folders, therefore, many members did not see the email.  The email that was sent is displayed below.

A vote for the 2016 Class Associate Board Members will take place in about a week, and will be conducted online. All members will receive an email and a post with voting instructions will be put on the website.



Email sent to membership on December 5, 2015

Harbor 20 Class Association

Dear Harbor 20 Class Association Owner Member,

As a current and active Owner Member of the Harbor 20 Class Association, you will be asked to participate in a vote for the 2016 Harbor 20 Class Association Board of Directors. This vote will take place online within the next several weeks.

The Harbor 20 Class Associations ByLaws, section ID3 state:

I.D.3. A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Board each Fall to nominate candidates for the open Director positions. The Committee is required to consider suggestions for candidates from all Fleet Captains. The slate will be communicated to the Owner Members by December 10th. Five or more owners may nominate additional candidates. The Board will hold an open and fair election by the Owner Members of all nominated candidates.

A nominating committee was formed and candidates have been solicited from all the Fleet Captains. The nominating committee is recommending the following individuals for the 2016 Class Association Board of Directors.  An election will be held via email in the upcoming weeks. This email is only a notification of the nominated candidates as required by the ByLaws.

Warren Duncan, Fleet 1, Current Class Measurer
Nik Froehlich, 2015-16  Fleet 1 Captain
Steve Hachten, Fleet 6
Peter Haynes, Fleet 1, Previous Class President
Joe Highsmith, Fleet 3 Captain
Garth Hitchens, Fleet 5
Kevin Keogh, Fleet 3
Marino de Marzo, Fleet 5 Captain
Bill Menninger, Fleet 1, 2015 Class President
Richard Miller, Fleet 4
Michael Mixon, Fleet 6
Fred Rice, Fleet 4 Captain
Gary Thorne, Fleet1, Current Class Treasurer
John Whitney, Fleet 1, Fleet Scorer
Bob Yates, Fleet 1

Total of 15 Directors Representing all Active Fleets.
Any questions concerning the election or nominations should be directed to the Class Nominating Committee via email to Nik Froehlich.