Fleet 1 Membership Dues

Fleet 1 members:


  • If you received an email entitled “Harbor 20 Class Association canceled your automatic payments”, please IGNORE it.
  • If your membership is expired or about to expire, please mail a check to Roxanne Chan made out to “Harbor 20 Fleet 1”:


Roxanne Chan
350 Loma Metisse Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265
The reason for the emails and the need to renew by check is that we are in the process of separating the bank accounts for the H20 Class Association and Fleet 1.  Fleet 1 has always included a Class membership with a Fleet 1membership (Owner or Skipper membership cost is $75 for the Fleet, and $15 for the Class, totaling $90.)  The Class has decided to make all renewals due on February 1, and to keep things simple, Fleet 1 has decided to do the same. This, however, requires that the online renewal process using credit card be modified, and that pro-rating be applied to switch from individual renewal dates to a single date. That process is underway, but NOT complete, resulting in some unintended consequences, including unexpected amounts due. Until we notify you that the website is ready, please DO NOT TRY TO PAY YOUR RENEWAL online.
We appreciate your cooperation as these procedures change!
Gary Thorne, Fleet 1 Captain


  • Ross Watanabe

    To clarify, if we’re a member of fleet one:

    Should we send $75 (fleet one dues only), and if so, how should we pay the class dues ($15)?

    Alternatively, send both ($90)?

    If we’re not a member of fleet one:

    Should we send the class dues ($15)?


  • Nik Froehlich

    Good questions Ross.

    If you are Fleet 1, send the entire $90 and the Fleet will send the Class their portion.

    If your not a member of Fleet 1, you are encouraged to use the Website to pay your annual membership dues. If you renew before Feb 1st, your payment will be pro-rated to Feb 1st (literally charged less than $1). If you pay on Feb 1st, you will be charged the full $15 annual fee. If your renewal is sometime after Feb 1st, pay your renewal upon your membership expiration date.


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