Fleet 1 Sail Purchase Window Open until Dec. 1

You can purchase a new Harbor 20 main or jib at a discount and avoid a measurement fee by ordering between now and Dec. 1.  (Fleet bylaw III.C.5 was recently changed to allow purchasing sails at other times, but with a $10 measurement fee and without the sailmaker’s discount.)

According to the Fleet 1 bylaws:

III.C.4. Sail replacement procedure is as defined in the Class Rules.


III.C.5. The Fleet 1 Board may establish by majority vote a “fall order window” during which time new sails may be ordered at a discount.  Unless otherwise changed by the Board, the “fall order window” shall be from the day after the Fleet 1 Championships through December 1 of the same year.  Measurement fees will be waived for all sails purchased during the “fall order window.”  Sails may be ordered at any other time; however, a $10.00 measurement fee will be assessed by Fleet 1 for each sail ordered outside the “fall order window,” effective 12/1/18.


III.C.6. A sail’s age shall be determined by the delivery date as recorded by the W.D. Schock Corp. For replacement sails, the age will be determined by the Measurer’s dated approval.


III.C.7. The Fleet has appointed Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers as its sole permitted sail maker for new mainsails, and Ullman Sails as its sole permitted sail maker for new jibs. No other sail/sail maker combinations will be allowed.

After purchase, the Fleet 1 Measurer will inspect, measure and sign the sail before it may be used.

According to the Class Bylaws:

III.H.8.   For a Class Yacht, the Owner may purchase one jib sail in each calendar year and one main sail in every second calendar year. The calendar year for sail purchase begins on the date the sail was officially measured.


III.H.9.   The Owner of a newly purchased used Class Yacht inherits the sail purchase rights of the previous owner, and may petition the Class Measurer to obtain new sails at the time of purchase.


III.H.10. If a sail is damaged beyond reasonable repair, lost, or for some reason is unusable, the Owner may petition the Class or Fleet Measurer for permission to purchase a replacement sail.

The cost of a new mail sail from Elliott/Pattison Sailmakers is $1,528 (same as last year).  They are offering a 20% discount to Fleet 1 members: $1,222.40.  Call (949) 645-6696 and press 1, or (949) 275-3302 direct. More details can be viewed here.

Ullman Sails is offering 5% and 10% discounts on jibs.  More details can be viewed here.

If you are buying a new Mainsail, consider donating your old one to NHYC for possible use in the Baldwin Cup team races.


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