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We just want you all to know, the Fleet is racing and the Board is working hard to keep the regattas on schedule.

Over the last several months the Board has been working to adapt to our changing world with the impact of COVID-19. We have seen some great (informal) efforts by our members to keep the racing going with an emphasis on safety, fun and camaraderie, our Fleet 1 is so well known for. Thank you to all the members that have stepped up to keep us racing and enjoying our Harbor 20’s and our wonderful harbor in Newport Beach.

We will continue to work to have the regattas as scheduled but remember we will have to be adaptable and flexible as State, County, City and yacht club rules change for social gatherings.

New fleet members, we are working hard to finish our race mentor series and get creative with some other opportunities to introduce you to racing in a friendly environment. Stay tuned to this website and the Fleet 1 Facebook page for events and updates.

As always feel free to contact any board member with questions or ideas.

Board Members:

Bob Yates
Anne Wiese
John Whitney
Peter Haynes
Richard Loufek
Ed Kimball
Phil Ramser
Kathy Sangster
Roxanne Chan
Len Bose
Warren Duncan
Judy Weightman
Gary Thorn
Tad Springer
Philip Thompson
Tom Fischbacher
Scott Barnes

We are here to serve your Harbor 20 Fleet 1 needs and look forward to a great Summer and Fall of racing.

THE DAVES – 4 Sundays in June!

Posted on behalf of THE DAVES. Thought this would be of interest to H20 sailors across the nation!

This is information about a new series which begins Sunday, June 7 at 7:00pm EDT.
A new 4-part webinar series
THE DAVES: A few of our favorite rules!

  Dave Dellenbaugh (member of the US Sailing Racing Rules Committee) and I (member of the US Sailing Appeals Committee) have teamed up to do a fun and unique series on the racing rules. Dave and I have been friends since playing Little League baseball and sailing at the Pequot YC in Southport, CT together as kids.   Please join us for this special webinar series about four rules we love to explain. In each of the four sessions we’ll go on a ‘deep-dive’ to examine the meaning and tactical implications of one particular right-of-way rule. The topics we’ll cover are: Port-Starboard (Rule 10); Avoiding Contact (Rule 14); Changing Course (Rule 16); and Proper Course (Rule 17).   THE DAVES begins on Sunday, June 7 at 7:00 pm EDT and continues for the remaining three Sundays in June. Each session is about 80 minutes long with video, diagrams, quizzes and references to appeals and cases. Dave and Dave will alternate as session leaders, and the Dave who’s not leading will be answering your live questions in the Chat.                                         

* Participant questions are encouraged!                    

* The price for the four-part series is $55, which includes access to replays of all four webinar sessions.                    

  We hope you’ll join us for this fun way to learn quite a lot about these important rules. – Dave Perry  

* To register for the series, please use the link below.

For Sale – 2001 Harbor 20 #138


Price: $15,000 (including trailer)

Owned and lightly used by present owner since 2005

New Running Rigging and Standing Rigging 2015/16

New Sails 2015 (with boom cover and UV strip)

Other options:

  • White hull, Off-white Deck, Green boot top and green cove stripe
  • Torqeedo 1003 on swing-arm 2014
  • 2:1 Jib outhaul, Jib winger
  • Mast hinge & Boom Kicker
  • Spinnaker (no pole) added by owner
  • 2nd reef line and extra purchase for Cunningham
  • Electric package, navigation lights, dual batteries and switch, electric bilge pumps (2)
  • Lifting eyes
  • Copperpoxy bottom
  • Road King trailer (used only for storage) – road ready
  • Winter cover and mast carriers

Lightly used from June-August with a few seasons skipped.  She is in very good shape.  More photos available.

Boat is located Long Island, NY.  Please contact David C (908-256-4910 or

H20 “Nuts” Series #3 – Saturday, April 4

Posted on behalf of Bob Yates:

On Saturday, April 4 at 1 pm we are having the “Nuts #3” sail in the Bay. The Start/Finish whaler will be located somewhere in or near the visitors anchorage in the Turning Basin area, and will provide sound signals to start the races. Bob Yates and Phil Thompson will be out there running things, so pay attention to them. The Harbor Master has “blessed” our activities as long as we stay within guidelines for our safety from the Corona Virus. You know what they are, so obey them and we will probably be allowed to continue this fun activity.  There are some restrictions on where we anchor the RC whaler, so this may hamper the size and shape of the race course. Sorry if the course is not optimum, and understand that the main purpose is to have fun and get some relief from being closed in for the past several weeks. Therefore, we have a variety of fun races in mind depending on the wind conditions. Since we are doing a variety of races, and some may take us for a “cruise” of the Bay, stay close to the whalers to receive the instructions over the megaphone and on the white board. Click here for a copy of the location of the permanent marks which we may using. I suggest that you keep it with you, along with a pen to write down a special course if we choose that option. We hope to see you out on the water having a great time.

H20 “Nuts” Series #2 – Saturday March 28

Posted on behalf of Len Bose and John Drayton:

H20 Fleet Champs courtesy Tom Walker

Hello everyone, Welcome to the “Nuts” series, week 2 “Mixed nuts”.

“The “Nuts” series is informal (i.e. just a bunch of sailors showing up). This is not a sanctioned event by any club or the H20 class. The Harbor Dept is aware that we will be out, and they considered this to be an appropriate activity (like getting outdoors to exercise) as long as sailors follow CDC guidance by either single-handing or sailing with family members or housemates.”

This Saturday racing PRO will be John Draton. Draton has taken the time to write up proper sailing instructions along with an explanation of how the racing will be conducted. Phil Thompson will be on the water again offering coaching and mark set. If you would like Thompson to critique your sailing just ask. 
Weather models are indicating a light breeze out of the south somewhere between 5-10 knots with the tide going out ever so slightly.
Race committee will be in a white Duffy, hope to see all of you on the water again? Please let me know if you can make it.

From our PRO:
Harbor 20 Sailors –
We’re looking forward to hosting H20 “Nuts” racing this Saturday afternoon (3/28). Click here for the Sailing Instructions , but here are some notes about our planned racing format for this weekend:
Starts: Standard 3 minute starts. Clock not rolling.
Fleets: We are planning to break up the fleet differently this weekend. Our goal is to have about 10-15 boats on the starting line for each race but to mix up who’s in each fleet. For example:
Race 1a – odd sail numbers

Race 1b – even sail numbers

Race 2a – lowest sail numbers (eg. all sail numbers <150)Race

Race 2b – highest sail numbers (eg. all sail numbers above >150)
Last race will be a single fleet race, with one long starting line, and a longer course.
We will do everything we can to help communicate what we are doing in each start (noticed via loud haler, VHF, dry-erase board). And if you have a question about who’s starting, just sail by and ask. 
One of the goals for mixing fleets up is to create opportunities for sailors to see firsthand what other top sailors are doing (e.g. a C fleet sailor can line up next to a top A sailor to see how another boat sets up). Ideally, the “Nut’s” format can be a learning opportunity for everyone.
Courses: Racing will be windward/leeward, but we’re planning to have the start/finish line set below the leeward mark (i.e. similar to a match racecourse). Lines not restricted, but racers should only be going through the start/finish line when they are starting or finishing. Downwind finishes should make things interesting tactically.
Scoring and Trophies: Scoring will be low point, and broken out by A, B, and C fleet for overall scores. Make sure to sail by and check-in with the R/C and let us know what fleet you want to be scored in.
Please let me know if you have any questions. For those of you that carry a VHF, I’m planning to use channel 68 for any RC communication (definitely not required).
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Please be respectful of Covid-19 restrictions, and either single-hand or sail with a housemate.

Click here for the Sailing Instructions.

regards Len Bose
(714) 931-6710

H20 “Nuts” Series starts Saturday, 3/21!

Posted on behalf of super NUT Len Bose:

As General McAuliffe famously said while defending Bastogne to the German surrender ultimatum “Nuts” Which best describes my feeling to today’s new normal.

Saturday, March 21 at 13:00 in the Five Point area of Newport Harbor. Look for a bald chubby male with a bright Hawaiian shirt sitting or standing alone, in a Boston Whaler, with his megaphone and whistle. Phil Thompson has just signed on to do mark set and coaching. So two bald guys, some would consider us a package of nuts.
Harbor 20 Races, divisions and starting order will be determined on sight. An effort will be made to complete 5 races with no throw outs. Pending on the expected participation the format would be almost identical to a yacht club event. Simplicity is the key and of course, if need be a protest committee can be formed over the phone. As always participants are responsible for any incidental expenses.

Weather Forecast: High temps will feel like 64 with the breeze SSW 7-9. The water will be going out with some strength to it.

Awards:   1st   Macadamia Nuts                2nd  Pistachios Nuts                3rd   Peanuts 

Will be presented at the end of the day if it’s a close series and some math need be sure to give me a moment. Please sail by and I will toss them over to you.

Cold Beverages: Canned Corona Beer, seems fitting if I can find them. Just sail past me and if you notice my hands-free say “Pull” keep you hand up because my reply will be “Incoming”!

Please let me know if you can attend! (714) 931-6710

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION of the 2020 Harbor 20 Class Championship; Plans Underway for 2021 Event

Dear Harbor 20 Class Association Members, Families, and Friends:

The Harbor 20 Association Class Board met yesterday, March 16, to review plans and contingencies regarding the 2020 Harbor 20 Class Championship in Annapolis given the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

After careful consideration, we regretfully concluded that it is in the best interests of our Class and participants to cancel the 2020 Championship and focus on holding the event in 2021 in conjunction with the 2021 Annapolis NOOD (National Offshore One-Design) Regatta.

Our primary focus for the Championship and the Class overall is the health and well-being of our members, competitors, guests, volunteers, housing hosts, and supporting yacht club employees. We considered that: CDC and Maryland both have issued guidance/direction to postpone or cancel events with more than 50 people from March 15 to May 10 (may be extended); the Governor of Maryland has closed bars and restaurants in the state for an indefinite period; Annapolis Yacht Club and Eastport Yacht Club have suspended access to their dining and event facilities consistent with that direction; and a Director shared at the meeting how the virus has impacted the Director’s family and was spread at a social event.

To be sure, the Championship is a great opportunity to see the “best of the best” on the water and burnish the spirit and comradery of the Class on shore. However, it is not the only way we achieve that objective. We have Fleet activities around the country highlighting the proud, Corinthian legacy of the Class. Our members are second to none in their love of sailing, fun, friendship, teaching, and learning. COVID-19 might be impacting our sailing and racing schedules but it will never dampen our spirit!

We will look to our Fleet leaders and members for insight and wisdom on how we adjust the remainder of our 2020 activity schedule, as well as plan for a great 2021 Championship in Annapolis next year. In the interim and most importantly: be safe, stay healthy, and remain caring and compassionate to all who need it during this challenging time (HINT: that is all of us).

For a PDF version of this notice click here.

Fair winds,
Patrick J. Shannon
Harbor 20 Class Association President

(On behalf of the Class Association Board)

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