Del Rey Yacht Club Sundown Series #3

The Harbor 20s of Marina Del Rey battled again in the Friday evening Sundown series. The Sundown series is hosted by Del Rey Yacht Club and it consists of 3 divisions: PHRF, Cruising Class, and Harbor 20 One Design.

The Harbor 20s raced in healthy breeze on a 4 1/2 mile course which took them outside the Marina. Ed Golden driving ‘Marisa’ was able to fend off Jeff Friedman and his 2 daughters in ‘Sparky’ for the bullet. Ed and Jeff traded tacks up the channel, with the lead changing hands numerous times. Ed finally consolidated a lead when the boats went outside. The characteristic sloppy chop outside Marina Del Rey provided the opportunity for Harbor 20 surfing on the rollers.

Interestingly, both of the leading Harbor 20s sailed faster than many of the big cruising boats in the division ahead. Ed and Jeff sailed the course in 51 minutes 43 seconds and 51:59 seconds respectively. This was boat for boat faster than 5 of the boats in the division ahead.  They even sailed the course faster than a 33 footer !  The plucky little Harbor 20s showed their stuff in Marina Del Rey last Friday and will be back for the next Sundown race on August 19th.


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