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We just want you all to know, the Fleet is racing and the Board is working hard to keep the regattas on schedule.

Over the last several months the Board has been working to adapt to our changing world with the impact of COVID-19. We have seen some great (informal) efforts by our members to keep the racing going with an emphasis on safety, fun and camaraderie, our Fleet 1 is so well known for. Thank you to all the members that have stepped up to keep us racing and enjoying our Harbor 20’s and our wonderful harbor in Newport Beach.

We will continue to work to have the regattas as scheduled but remember we will have to be adaptable and flexible as State, County, City and yacht club rules change for social gatherings.

New fleet members, we are working hard to finish our race mentor series and get creative with some other opportunities to introduce you to racing in a friendly environment. Stay tuned to this website and the Fleet 1 Facebook page for events and updates.

As always feel free to contact any board member with questions or ideas.

Board Members:

Bob Yates
Anne Wiese
John Whitney
Peter Haynes
Richard Loufek
Ed Kimball
Phil Ramser
Kathy Sangster
Roxanne Chan
Len Bose
Warren Duncan
Judy Weightman
Gary Thorn
Tad Springer
Philip Thompson
Tom Fischbacher
Scott Barnes

We are here to serve your Harbor 20 Fleet 1 needs and look forward to a great Summer and Fall of racing.

February Friday Frolics

Posted on behalf of Frolic Meiser Phil Ramser:


Two Friday Frolics are scheduled in February:

  • February 07
  • February 28

The race committee will be on board the Dick Sweet and on Station North of the Newport Yacht Club and sound the warning signal for the first race each day at 2pm.

Come and enjoy another great day of sailing in our beautiful bay.

Seaya on the water, Phil Ramser

Let’s turn out for the Leukemia Cup!

The Leukemia Cup is this Sunday, June 2, at BCYC. The registration fee is higher than normal because this is a charity event, but it ALL goes to the Leukemia Society! This is a great way for Harbor 20 Fleet 1 to do what we do best while supporting such an important cause. It would be wonderful to see a record turnout on the water, and at the awards ceremony. Hope to see you there!

ALYC Sundowners start Monday, May 8

Nighttime racing is here!

The ALYC Sundowner series runs every Monday night from May 8 through September 11 (with the exception of Memorial Day on Kay 29).

ALYC PRO Dan O’Sullivan has published the NOR for the 2017 Sundowner Race Series and registrations for the race can be made online. Here is the 2017 Sundowner Home Page. And here is the link to the registration form.

We’re planning to make this another memorable series of Sundowners. Please take a few minutes and sign up for this year’s race series.

Mike Berdine
Commodore and Communications Guy
American Legion Yacht Club

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 9 December 2016



DECEMBER, 9, 2016


Call to Order: Fred Rice presiding – Morgan Green, Tom Wright, and Geoff Slaff (via phone conference call from Boston) present.


Announcements: Fred notes that 2017 will be a less taxing year for the fleet leadership in that the North/South Regatta will be in Newport, and the East/West Regatta will be in Annapolis, so Santa Barbara will not be hosting an event with other fleets.


Fred reminds the fleet that the deadline for paying the fleet dues is Feb. 1, 2017. Dues of $100 per boat are to be paid directly to Fleet Four Treasurer Geoff Slaff.


Fred is the new Treasurer for the National H20 Association. He reports there was discussion recently on the national association board about holding National Championships in Newport. No decision.


Fleet four Board Nominations: Morgan Green suggested a fleet-wide email to solicit nominations for the 2017 board of directors, as was successfully done last year. The call for nominations will go out in the first week in January. Approved by consensus.


Board Election: Morgan Green Suggested the deadline for board nominations be Jan. 25. An email ballot will be sent out to the fleet membership. Votes are to be returned to Morgan by individual email, and will remain confidential. The voting deadline will be Feb 3. Approved by consensus. The new board will be immediately notified. They will later meet to choose their officers.


Annual meeting/party: The meeting is TBD.  Fred is to verify with Caroline Kavanagh, who volunteered her house. Tom suggested special thanks at the party for those who organized the Luau.


Adjournment: Next Meeting, TBD.

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 14 July 2016



JULY 14, 2016


1.  CALL TO ORDER: Fred Rice presiding – Geoff Slaff, Ann Hutchins, Morgan Green, Tom Wright and webmaster John Jeffries present, with fleet members Leslie Deardorff, Jane Barrett, Caroline Kavanagh, Bhrian Resnik, Al Salzer, Dale Zurawski, and Helene Webb attending.




A.  Minutes: Morgan Green/ John Jeffries- March minutes accepted without amendment and posted on website.


B.  Update on North/South regatta organization and Notice of Race. Leslie, Jane Caroline Fred and Geoff are all working on it. A letter of invitation was sent. Leslie will get Fleet 1 Capt. Nick Froehlich’s email address from the roster. Fred will not send a NOR until a month before the event. Invitation will be posted on the website.


C.  Thanks on Commodore Regatta: Fred – Thank to all skippers lending boats. There was a collision between Wayne Rosing two boats.


D.  North/South and East/West events, dates and how representatives are chosen: Fred – N/S is Sept 2, 3 and 4. E/W is Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 and 2. Selection discussion: N/S is four teams from each group, with skipper and one crew and one owners rep aboard each boat. E/W is the same, but five boats.

Fred received a reply from San Diego that they want to send two boats. Suggestions: eliminate 1 SB and one Newport boat, or Newport eliminate 2, since SD is in the south region. (Longbeach and northward is North Region) Tom reports that 16 SB boats are officially weighed and eligible to use. Before a Fleet 4 decision regarding San Diego, Fred will contact Fleet 1 Capt. Nick Froehlich and find out how they handled the San Diego question last year when the event was in Newport.


E.  Suggested Fleet Spending: Geoff Slaff – Reports there is still $2,636.05 in the fleet treasury. Enough money for the N/S event.


F.  Boat Equipment List: Fred – permanent bumpers request. Request was withdrawn.


G.  Wind/Wave Limits: Fred – requests a fleet consensus on this matter with 18 knots for one minute assumed for race cancellation. Clarification? Morgan Green cites March 2015 meeting minutes showing that the criteria suggested is “a maximum of 20 knots of wind for one minute duration between 4:20 and 4:30 p.m.” as the criteria for cancelling a Wet Wednesday race. Discussion: Fred notes difficulty in talking to the race committee the previous week as the RC was in the middle of start sequences, his radio did not send, shouting to other boats was confusing, and onboard winds of 18 with gusts to 21 was the only wind indication available. Race Director called form the RC to announce that the race would not be cancelled. All boats but two quit. Only one boat finished.


After discussion, members present agreed by consensus that the wind measurement criteria would be 45 minutes before the H2O Wet Wednesday start, a member of the executive committee is to phone the SBYC Race Director and ask for a reading. If it is 20 knots or more for one minute or more, the race is cancelled. In cases of absence, the sequence of responsibility on the board for calling Brad: Fleet Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Measurer, at large member – as suggested by Fred. For regattas: The same rule applies except a determination is to be made by the Race Committee any time prior to any starting sequence.




A.  Leslie Deardorff reports progress on the NOR, housing, and events for the N/S regatta. Also trophies. There will be three parties; Friday night at the Millers; Saturday at SBYC; and Sunday at Al Salzer’s boats. Friday afternoon is sign in. A spinnaker clinic may be needed if San Diego participates. Friday needs to be coordinated with Cheryl Miller. Last time all brought appetizers. The cost this time will be based on what the hosts need for reimbursement. Saturday night, a band has been booked. Food is to be tacos and a bar on the beach. After Sunday racing, snacks at the SBYC awards ceremony, and afterward to Al’s boat for a dock Mardi Gras party.


Caroline is handing housing of guest sailors. Several people have offered rooms. SBYC Race Director Brad Shchaupeter has started on the Notice of Race, and awaits the regatta particulars to finish.


Al questioned tacos as food. Leslie notes the club has no food and drink manager at present. She will wait to consult with the new manager.

Dale Zurawski suggests one SB item as a gift to visiting crews. Fred suggests varying sizes of bottles of wine for crew and owners reps. He can get some wine donated. And 36 estimated bottles is “doable.”  No final decision.


Trophies: Leslie and Jane Barrett have researched, considering bottles of wine for skipper and crew winners, also an ice bucket or wine glasses. No final decision yet.  Al is donating a perpetual trophy for the North/South Regatta.


Helene Webb has volunteered to design the artwork for a long-sleeved regatta shirt, with up to three colors in the design. An advisory vote of attendees preferred a Sport-Tek shirt rather than a less expensive standard Tee.


Charges to owners reps – consensus that they may attend events at no charge. Spouses will pay. The ticket charge for all three parties is $125 per person.


Geoff will update the projected budget numbers based on now-confirmed charges for the N/S event. The initial budget briefing sheet showed: The 2016 fleet income estimate is $9,250. the 2014 actual income was $9,750. Projected 2016 expenses are $7,995, actual 2014 expenses were $10,023.


Housing: Caroline wants to confirm what Fleet Four homes have space available for regatta visitors, including “iffy” space. Caroline will blast the fleet for ASAP replies.


Fleet 4 Representation: Fred reiterates that the Championship Series standings will determine the teams, with the top leaders in sequence qualifying to sail, and the next highest ranked skippers in sequence to be offered slots if any initial qualifiers cannot sail. Discussion and approval of a suggestion by Leslie Dierdorf: by consensus – if a qualifying skipper’s crew cannot attend, the skipper may choose from among Fleet Four member Championship Series participants to man the boat. No outside crews or skippers are permitted.


Adjournment: 7 p.m.

– – – END – – –

Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 31 March 2016

– – – APPROVED – – –



MARCH 31, 2016


Call to Order: Fred Rice presiding – Ann Hutchins, Geoff Slaff, Morgan green, Leslie Deardorff, Scott Deardorff, Rich Miller, Bill Bench, Dale Zurawski, Jane Watkins, John Jeffries, Brian Green present.


Minutes: Morgan Green. February minutes accepted without amendment.


North/South Regatta Planning: Fred notes the fleet needs to prepare notice of race and sailing instructions and details including hospitality events to the Newport Fleet. Leslie Deardorff will send the NOR and SI documents to Fred used for the last North/South here as a point of information. Noted: San Diego will not be participating.


Food and expenses: Geoff presented a proposed budget based on 60 people. Includes 2014 actual expenses and 2016 projected costs. Total estimated at $11,245. See attached report for line item details. Entry charge projected at $200 per sailor, assuming five Newport boats. Projection also calls for $150 for Fleet 4 sailors. Scott Deardorff suggested $200 for all. Consensus is to make the event a high quality regatta.


Suggestion: leave $1,000 in the Fleet 4 account as reserves.


Hospitality Event costs – Suggestion: charge for each hospitality event separately for all non-racers and onboard owner reps. Discussion and agreement on the following: Leslie will price out the costs of the club dinner for 60, 70 and 80 people so charges can be firmly determined. Consensus among the board and members at this meeting is a “Wet Wednesday-style” Barbecue with cook-your-own foods. An outdoor Luau like last time was preferred. Determining final charges for guests and Fleet 4 owner representative volunteers will be revisited for a decision at the next meeting based on actual food and service rates by SBYC other event costs (insurance, trophies etc.)


Re: Prices to be charged for parties that Al and Rich host to defray their costs. Geoff suggests $25 per person and Rich said that is OK. Leslie is to ask Al.


Insurance: Leslie will ask Brad about arranging for insurance.


Notification: Leslie will send an email as soon as possible to the Newport Fleet Captain specifying the dates, and ask if the visitors want another spinnaker clinic. This will be followed with a “save the date” letter.

The official Notice of Race: Will be sent out to Newport no later than early July.


Start Practices: Ann Hutchins. The proposal is to start April 22. She will confirm with Ken Keiding, who has volunteered to conduct the sessions from his boat. The tentative schedule is once monthly, depending on the club racing schedule. Ken Kieding will send out a notice to fleet owners after confirming all details with Ann. Consensus agreement on a start time of 5:30, and an hour of practices.


Match Racing: Rich Miller notes that the CHRF fleet will not take on start duties. The fleet must start its own races.  They would be short, with five-minute start separations. Rich will examine the SBYC schedule to see if he can find clear dates. He also will set up match racing briefing sessions in advance.


Fleet Calendar: The following 2016 meeting dates were confirmed. May 26, July 28, Sept. 29.


Ex-Agenda Items


Class Association Meeting: Rich Miller reports – Hilton Head and Annapolis conduct elimination rounds for the East/West challenge. The top three skippers are the team. The next three skippers are their crew. Discussion for Fleet Four. Consensus, leave crew posts open as skippers’ choice, especially for away events.


PHRF Race Committee assistance: Jane Watkins asked for volunteers to help. Rich Miller and Ann Hutchins volunteer.


Reimbursement: Since Fred helped purchase a scale to share with the J-70 fleet, Geoff Slaff proposed reimbursing Fred $223 for his costs. Rich Miller made the motion. Ann Hutchins seconded. Approved.


Fleet Champions for 2015 and Scoring Questions: Geoff noted a lack of confirmation of the top Fleet 4 skippers at the SBYC awards dinner. Clarification: the SBYC Centennial Cup (not a Fleet 4 cup) is based only on SBYC member boats. This excludes some Fleet 4 boats. Discussion on scoring for the Fleet 4 Championship Series: the algorithm for determining scores is per U.S Sailing, racing rules section A-9. Scott Deardorff reviewed the basics.  Members discussed alternatives to penalize no-shows. Noted: the rules call for two throw-out regattas to take care of this. Brief discussion of high-point scoring as an alternative. No decision.



– – – END – – –



Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 11 February 2016

– – – APPROVED – – –




FEB. 11, 2016


Call to Order: Fred Rice presiding – Ann Hutchins, Tom Wright, Geoff Slaff, Morgan Green, directors, and J.J. Jeffries, Bhrian Resnik, Rich Miller, Leslie Deardorff, Scott Deardorff, Sandra Denton, Helene Webb, Kathleen Bauschke attending.


Treasurer’s Report: Geoff Slaff – See attached report. All 15 boats in the fleet have paid their 2016 dues. After a $380 cost for 50 percent of the cost of a perpetual trophy (Al Salzer contributing the other 50 percent), the current fleet balance is $3,359.67.


Fred reports the Class Association board wants all fleet dues paid by the Feb. 1 deadline so they can put all members into the published roster. Also, they ask that all, including owners, skipper, and associate members, pay now rather than later. Suggestion: Fred is to email all fleet members about the requirement that they pay their dues if they expect to race in any Class Association event.


Minutes: January minutes were posted on the Class website, Fleet Four page. Minutes accepted without amendment.




  1. Board practices: Geoff reiterated the board’s intent to bring issues requiring Board decisions first to the fleet at a general meeting for discussion and possible advisory vote on proposed solutions before the board’s official decisions. The intent is to assure that the fleet’s operation is transparent and all members are informed.


  1. Calendar of meetings: Proposed at the January meeting. Discussion upshot: Agreement by consensus for the board to meet every other month on the 4th Thursday, with these sessions designated fleet meetings as necessary. Fred will check the schedule against the Yacht Club calendar and will report back to the fleet. The next board meeting could be at the end of March, or April.


  1. Weigh-day Feb. 20: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Fred Rice – Unable to get a Class Association scale, or a functioning local scale through Ken Keiding, and finding rental rates too high, Fred reported he privately purchased a 3,000 lb. certified digital scale and will lend it to the fleet for weighing. This way, the fleet can set up as many weighing dates as it needs. Morgan Green suggested that fleet measurer Tom Wright include an all-encompassing liability waiver form to be signed by owners before their boat is weighed. Agreed by consensus. Tom is to create the form. Fred reported the fleet has four volunteers to help on weigh day, February 19. Note: Agreement by consensus that due to unique safety concerns because of the fleet’s open-ocean racing, a heavier anchor than the Class-required 3 lbs. and heavier than the required quarter-inch rode is acceptable during the weighing, but they must be aboard in all subsequent races.


Geoff Slaff wanted the implications of not being weighed clarified for fleet members. Agreed by consensus that such boats can race, but the results will not count toward official Fleet standings. Fred noted that the Class rules deadline for weighing is March 19. Agreement by Consensus that in Fleet Four, owners unable to get boats weighed on time, can seek a reasonable extension from the board.


4.Match Races: Rich Miller suggested them. He will conduct a poll of fleet owners to determine interest.


  1. Friday Starts Practice: Ann Hutchins will coordinate with Ken Keiding, who has volunteered to conduct sessions.



  1. National Board Meeting conference: attended by Fred Rice and Rich Miller. Dues: see Treasurer’s Report. The East-West Regatta: is Oct. 1 and 2 in Newport, without owner representatives aboard. The conference asked preferences of the fleets regarding owner-representatives on boats. Agreement by consensus and show-of-hands fleet advisory vote that Fleet Four wants owner representatives aboard for all spinnaker events here.


  1. Byre Staff Commodore Trophy: Rich Miller reported that the trophy was not awarded in 2015, despite the submission of deed-of-gift paperwork to the yacht club. He proposes the trophy, a ships binnacle, be designated the SBYC One-Design Challenge Cup, based on a series comprised of the Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday cup one-design results. The cup would go to the top boat in the largest one-design fleet in the series. Scott Deardorff suggested Rich work with the trophy donor about the designation, and submit the plan to the club’s new trophies committee.


  1. North-South Hospitality Chairs: Fred Rice – There will be 10 boats in this event. San Diego is not participating. Leslie Deardorff heads the race committee; Caroline Kavanagh is heading up housing. Jane Barrett volunteered to take on email communications with Newport. Leslie reported she and Caroline already have a lot of housing lined up. Rich Miller volunteered his home for the Friday night party; Fred Rice has reserved the club’s beach for the Saturday party, but has not determined cost details. Al Salzer has volunteered to host his dock party on Sunday, but wants to charge to cover expenses. Geoff volunteers as finance chair, and will get last years cost figures to build a budget and help determine what to charge participants. Geoff will send his proposed budget to the above people and meet to determine the charges for participants.

Not determined: who will be in charge of t-shirts. Fred noted that Al Salzer gifted a trophy for the event, and had it reconditioned, sharing 50 percent of that expense with Fleet 1.


  1. Adjournment


– – – END – – –






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