Rules Seminar Registration Deadline – Saturday, January 21

The deadline to postmark registrations for the “Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing” seminar at BCYC on January 29 at the lower price of $75.00  is Saturday, January 21. Thereafter the cost is $85.00. The reason for a deadline is to encourage folks to help us with logistics, because the club requires a head-count ahead of time for purposes of facility planning and food/beverage preparation.



A unique teaching method makes this seminar a learning experience, as differentiated from “question and answer” rules clinics, which are generally unstructured, and pre-suppose some rules knowledge. This seminar is structured in such a way that each concept leads to the next making comprehension easy and natural. Animated PowerPoint makes the rules come to life. Here are some comments from folks who have already attended:

“I’ve been attending rules seminars all my life – I’ve seen them all – and this is the best I’ve ever seen!” –Tom Schock

“I was impressed with how you presented the sailing rules in an interesting and entertaining way. The class drew all levels of sailors from beginning sailors like myself to sailors have been racing competitively for 50 years and more. The visual teaching coupled with your workbook were a great way to learn. I was surprised with how quickly the day slipped by and how much we covered.” –Trish Ramser

“At $75 this seminar is a real bargain and offers much more than seminars at double this price, the 120 plus page handout is easily worth the seminar price itself. Along with boat handling and racing strategies and tactics, the rules of racing are critical knowledge for the casual and experienced sailor.” -Tom Madden

“I learned in one day what would ordinarily take 10 racing seasons to learn. Invaluable!” –Guy Doran

“Comprehensive, informative and well presented. I’ll be back because repetition is essential.” –Mary Bacon

“An absolute winner! From novice to knowledgeable in one day.” –Nina Manning

“I could attend this course over and over and would learn something new every time.” –Neal Crowley

While this seminar was originally prepared to the Harbor 20 Fleet, there is nothing H20 specific in the materials.


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We hope to see you there!

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  • bill Menninger

    The rules seminar was great. I team race to keep current with the rules, but Peter presents the material in a fun and entertaining way, that really makes it clear and understandable.

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