Do you want to participate in the EAST/WEST Challenge?

This year the EAST/WEST Challenge returns to the West Coast. The 2012 event will be hosted by NHYC the weekend of October 6-7. The event has expanded over previous years with the addition of new fleets to the H20 Class. This year the EAST team will be composed of 8 boats, with four boats handled by sailors from Fleet 3, Hilton Head, SC and four boats handled by sailors from Fleet 5, Annapolis MD. The WEST team will be composed of 8 boats, with four boats handled by sailors from Fleet 1, Newport Beach, CA and four boats handled by sailors from Fleet 4, Santa Barbara, CA.

Selection of the sailors who will represent Fleet 1 will be determined by the High Point standings as of Sunday, July 15. There are nine High Point races days between now and July 14, so if you want to participate in the EAST/WEST Challenge, you need to actively participate in the Fleet 1 High Point series. The top four skippers in A Fleet as July 15 will have the priviledge of representing Fleet 1 as skippers, and the top four skippers in the B Fleet will  have the priviledge of representing Fleet 1 as crews.

The 2012 EAST/WEST Challenge is shaping up to be a premier event bringing H20 sailors together from around the country for a weekend of racing and social activities. If you do not end up on the Fleet 1 sailing team, there will be lots of other ways to participate, so stay tuned for details. We hope to see you there!


  • bobyates

    It looks like I will be out of the Country on that week. That is really too bad, since it looks like a great event.

  • Rich Miller

    As fleet captain of Fleet 4, I want to confirm that Santa Barbara is looking forward to sending a team to this exciting event.
    Now that we know the date, can you let us know anything else about the format of the racing.


    Rich Miller

  • bill menninger

    yes, sounds fun

  • Peter

    Hi Rich,

    Fleet 1 is excited to be hosting Fleet 4 along with Fleets 3 & 5 for the EAST/WEST Challenge. The format will be fleet racing in Newport Harbor, but overall scoring will determine whether East (3 & 5) or West (1 & 4) wins. A “round robin” format will ensure that there is no real or perceived bias depending on boat selection. Planning is well underway for what should be a fantastic event!

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