Friday Night Flip Flops at LIYC AS

“Friday Night Flip Flops at LIYC AS” – What’s That??? Well, Friday nights during the summer season, Lido Isle Yacht Club hosts “Adult Sailing”, and Harbor 20’s are invited. And this month, we are doing something a little different, a “Flip Flop”, that is, crew in the back of the boat, and skipper in the front. We have done this in past year’s, and have found that there is alot of benefit to be had by changing perspective – and it is alot of fun! This is just a suggestion, and not mandatory.

Friday Night Adult sailing starts on June 8. After sailing there is dinner in conjunction with the Lido Isle Community Center BBQ, where there are usually one or two H20 tables reserved. On June 8, there will be a hosted Burger Bash. On subsequent Fridays it is a “bring your own meat/foul/fish” to BBQ, and hors d’oeuvres, salads, bread, etc, are provided. Cost is about $16.00. Drinks are available as well. BBQ-ing on the patio is fun!

There are usually  two races, started using Racing Rule 26, with the Warning at 3 minutes instead of 5. There is usually a Lazer class as well, and starts are “rolling”, so watch the flags!  The race is officiated from the tower (like BYC) and the line is usually 2 buoys situated in line with the tower.

So, this summer season, come and enjoy really fun casual evenings on Friday nights at LIYC. You’ll be glad you did!





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