Are you Ready to Reef?

Maybe it’s climate change, but whatever the reason, it is WINDY this season! The Harbor 20 was designed to perform well in very light air, and as such can become quite over-powered when the breeze is up if you don’t manage the power by flattening, or ultimately reefing the main. At the last H20 Board Meeting, it was recommeded that everone should know how to reef their Harbor 20. This keeps things both FUN, and SAFE! To that end, it was decided that it would be a good idea to post some instructions on how to reef the Harbor 20 on this website which can now be found here, or by looking under the “SAILING TIPS” category on the Home Page. Try this at the dock, and then make sure you can do it under sail as well. You will find yourself feeling much more confident when the breeze is up when you have this critical skill under your belt.

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