Two High Points Remaining

[Updated on January 10th]

Division B sailors, there are only two High Point races remaining until the expiration of the “repartitioning” of the Divisions about a year ago. Read about the Repartitioning here and here.

The Divisions Page shows the current A and B qualifying skippers and their expiration dates. Those in the B Division with “Fleet Partitioning” as their qualifying event, must re-qualify prior to February 16th.  There are two High Point events which allow for re-qualificaiton.

Those B skippers who do not re-qualify must sail the Mid-Winters in C Division, or petition the board for B Division qualification.

This Sunday is the NHYC Winter Series #3, and it is a High Point Event. The next High Point is the BYC Sunkist Series #4 on February 7th.

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