• Reuben Mezrich

    On some of the videos it seems that the boom is level even when the sail is down and there are no lazy jacks. On other videos the boom lies on the rear deck when the sail is down (as it does on my Harbor 20 270. Do the newer boats have a topping lift? Is it possible to add a topping lift?
    Raising the sail with the boom down adds unnecessary difficulty as you have to raise the boom as well as the sail

  • Ross Watanabe

    Some of the boats have a boom crutch: http://www.wdschock.com/boats/harbor20/h20_options_boom_crutch.php

    I just tilt up my rear cushion on edge, to protect the back of the cockpit, but then again, I have an old style foam cushion, and this may not work with the newer c-foam cushions.

    I suppose you could add a topping lift, but this would get in the way of the roach of the mainsail.

    I have seen clips added to the backstay, to use as a topping lift.

    Hope that helps,


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