Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes 22 March 2018

Meeting called to Order at 5:30PM  March 28, 2018.
Attending: Kevin, Jane, Rich, Tom K., JJ, WER, Bill B., each representing boats.  A quorum of 8 boats represented was recognized.
Discussed Treasurer’s report.  Are we accumulating too many funds?  We have on the order of $4,000 in the bank.   A motion was made for a fleet championship take home trophy.  Passed unanimously, Jane to propose the specifics.
We need clear sign ups from owners so we can be sure about boat counts for East-West within April 15.   Note to follow from Rich to membership.
It was discussed and agreed all boats will be set up the same by the Measurer.
 A discussion ensued about members offering their boats for the E/W, N/S and other special regattas.   The consensus after discussion was  active membership in the fleet requires making their boat available for special fleet activities.  The Board was clear this is a Fleet Owner’s decision to be put to the Owners for a vote.
Boat bumpers for E/W regatta?  Nays carried.
Next a discussion about electronics and Compass function for all boats for the E/W.
The consensus was a compass function is desirable on all boats, but some do not have magnetic compasses.  Tacktics and speed pucks which also display speed we thought to be not in the spirit of no-electronics.  I note many of our wind gauges are electronic as well.  It was agreed this decision needs more work, so the discussion was tabled.  Comments from the fleet are invited.
Last a general discussion of the E/W regatta social events occurred.  We could not reach Geoff by phone so  the balance of the discussion was tentative given Geoff is doing more of the detailed planning.
For social events,  it was proposed we stick to same format as the last event: Friday party event, Saturday Club beach event.  Estimation is 100 participants, we need a proposal, and sort the venue and cost.   We ask Geoff, Jane and Karen K. to propose some options by May 15.
It was proposed we try to have Dave Uhlman to give a clinic Friday afternoon. Rich to pursue the option of a participation trophy in lieu of goodie bag was also discussed.  Jane to propose as part of the May 15 discussion.
Meeting adjourned.



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