Important Fleet 1 Championship Reminders

Posted on behalf of Fleet Captain Gary Thorne:

Fleet 1 Championships are coming up Oct. 6-7.  Please check the following to ensure you’re ready:

  • By Aug. 7:
    • If you haul out your boat for sanding, painting or any other reason, put it back in the water 60 days before the regatta per fleet bylaw I.F.9.
    • If you’re skippering, make sure you’re listed on the registration as an owner, and your dues are paid, 60 days before the regatta, per fleet bylaw I.F.10 and class bylaw I.C.2.
  • By Sept. 19:
    • If your crew is a pro or hasn’t raced with you 12 times since last year’s championships, petition the fleet board to approve your crew by the Sept. board meeting, per fleet bylaw I.F.8 and class bylaw II.D.5.
  • ASAP
    • If you don’t have a measurement certificate showing your correct boat weight, contact fleet measurer Richard Loufek (, per class bylaw III.C.2.  (To see if you have a certificate, log into, click Members.My Roster Profile, then click the sail number in your profile.  If a certificate appears that reflects all modifications to your boat’s weight, you’re good to go.)

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