Fleet 1 Summer Party and Heritage Regatta

Posted on behalf of Fleet Captain Gary Thorne:

Sailing in the spirit of the theme “FLAGS”

Harbor 20 Fleet 1 enjoyed a warm, sunny Heritage Regatta and Summer Party on Saturday August 18, hosted by the Balboa Bay Club.  Pat Scruggs, Hank Thayer and Peter Haynes kicked off the day with a sailing clinic covering starts, sail trim, overlaps, mark room, tides and boat speed.  Many of the 30 participants noted how much they learned in just one hour.

Leaving the comfort of an air-conditioned Bay Club room for the wedding-boat-infested waters of the North Lido Channel, Pat and Katy Scruggs and Peter Jacobson started the A, B and C fleets on a single one-hour race, squeezing between the 200-foot yacht Invictus and Z mark, then sailing two laps around Q and T before finishing in front of the Bay Club.  See below for complete results.

The Bay Club, along with Kathy Sangster, then threw a classy lawn party for 70, including a band (The Retros) and tri-tip, turkey, oysters, shrimp and other stations with complimentary wine and beer.

Here are the Heritage Regatta results:

A Division:

  1. Walter Johnson and Leeann Iacino
  2. Phil Thompson and Wendy Kerr
  3. Peter and Debra Haynes
  4. Buddy Richley and John McLaughlin
  5. Gary and Karen Thorne and Jeanette Horn

B Division:

  1. Craig and Julie Chamberlain
  2. Don Logan and Roxanne Chan
  3. Michael and Ellen Volk
  4. Bob McDonald
  5. Thomas Fischbacher and Phil Crosby

C Division:

  1. Jeff Gordon and John Whitney (winners of the Heritage Perpetual)
  2. Kathy Sangster and Jim Kerrigan
  3. David Lamontagne and Wayne Harvey
  4. Kevin and Lauren Hampton
  5. Scott Barnes and Ann Donat
  6. Gary and Cindy Allen
  7. Pamela and Peter Kreiser
  8. Nina Manning and Chris Hill
  9. John and Yvonne Browning
  10. John Sturgess and John Gradishar


Jeff Gordon takes home the perpetual for winning the largest division

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