Friday Frolic Update

Posted on behalf of Frolic Meister Phil Ramser:

Our first Friday Frolic for the New Year was held on January 25. The day was perfect. At 2pm, our usual starting time, we enjoyed the best of Newport Beach weather. Sunny, 70 degrees, blue sky, six to eight knots of breeze out of the South West and no traffic on the bay.

Pat Scruggs was the PRO and he did his usual excellent job of running the races. With help from Ross Stewart and Terry Drury, the race committee provided us with four splendid races. Larry Parker was touring the race course taking pictures which will be published soon, watch for them.

Next month we have two Friday Frolics scheduled, February 08 and February 22. We are scheduled to start the first race at 2pm, north of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club in the anchorage. Mark your calendar and come join the fun!


Phil Ramser

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