Posted on behalf of Frolic Meister Phil Ramser:

The date for the next Friday Frolic is February 22, so put it on your calendar and join the fun! Remember, the races start at 2:00 PM off the Race Committee Boat anchored north of Newport Harbor Yacht Club.

The last event held on February 05 was terrific, a sunny and warm winter day, with eleven Harbor 20’s answering the call and no traffic on the bay. Andy Binkerd and Jeff Bates ran the Race Committee with help from Bob McDonald who set the marks. We quickly completed four races and met in the Pirates Den to discuss the day’s event.

John Davies and his wife Sharon raced their recently acquired boat and Terry Drewry sailed with some friends visiting from the East Coast in a rental boat. Pat Scruggs crewed for Terry Duffield and they pushed the front runners , Kurt Weiss and Ed Kimbel, who sailed with their wives as crew.

Truly a great day!

Our next event is February 22. Come and enjoy the day!




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