ALYC Monday Night Sundowner Series

The kerfuffle between the American Legion Yacht Club and American Legion Post 291 has ended as a result of a record breaking turnout for elections of the Executive Board of the Legion on May 8. A majority of Legionnaires, some who traveled from as far as the Caribbean to vote, expressed their displeasure with a board who attempted a takeover of the yacht club, and when unsuccessful, shut them out of the facility they had shared for 52 years. The entire E-Board was voted out in favor of a slate favorable to another 52 years. In a show of great support for ALYC during the shutout, BCYC made their facility available for yacht club meetings, the Annual Awards Ceremony, and the Commodores Ball. The Elks Club opened on Monday nights starting May 8 to host the after party for the Monday night Sundowner Series, allowing the Sea Gals to setup a catered Newport Rib Company dinner ($10.00), and for MC Rick Galliand to present the trophies for the evening. The bar is open serving literally the cheapest drinks in town…

Scott Barnes has joined the ALYC Race Committee and has championed windward/leeward courses for Harbor 20’s. In a Westerly, the course has included multiple rounds between marks T and Q making for some nice tacking an gybing.

Next Monday will be the last night at the Elks Club. This is a really fun group who would like to see more H20 participation, and is working towards that end. If you have not been participating, why not come give it a try? And help us thank the Elks Club for their hospitality before moving back to American Legion Post 291 on July 8, following the changing of the guard on the E-Board.

To register for the Sundowner Series, click here.

We hope to see you there!

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