Posted on behalf of John Whitney:

The Fleet 1 Championship Regatta is fast approaching! Today marks the beginning of the 60-day period during the following Fleet 1 Bylaws apply:

I.F.9. To sail in the Fleet Championship, a boat must have been kept in the water continuously for 60 days prior to Fleet Championships.

 I.F.10. Championship races are special events for boat owners. For Fleet Championships, the Helmsman must be an Owner Member who has been a member for over 60 days.

This is a good time to review all of the Fleet 1 Bylaws regarding Fleet championships. The Notice of Race will be published shortly. A link to regatta information will be posted on the Fleet 1 Calendar as it becomes available.

Questions? Contact Fleet 1 Measurer Richard Loufek and/or Regatta Chairman John Whitney.

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