Fleet 4 Meeting Minutes February 19, 2019

Santa Barbara Harbor 20 Board of Directors

Meeting, February 19, 2019

  1. Organization for 2019. Rich Miller agreed to return as Fleet Captain, Rick Yabsley agreed to be Assistant Fleet Captain. Morgan Green will be recording secretary and Geoff Slaff will be Treasurer. Tom Wright will be fleet measurer. Approved. Geoff is to ask J.J. to return as webmaster.
  2. Discussion of North South Regatta, Labor Day 2019:

– North South Regatta on Labor Day Geoff Slaff volunteered to coordinate the event.

  1. Suggestions for events to be considered by the fleet at its next meeting to add more fun factor to the racing season and bolster participation:

Goleta Beach Race: Provide a tow boat for H20 participants to return to Santa Barbara. Provide a tow (sag) boat for racers going to Goleta so they are not late for the BBQ in case of light winds. Race back to Santa Barbara from Goleta. A Harbor 20 prize at the BBQ.

Regattas, one day or two: Currently there are four two-day regattas and three one-day regattas in the Championship Series. Decided to make all one-day events except for Fiesta Cup.

Spare boat sharing to potential newcomers to “test drive” a Harbor 20.

– Geoff said he could loan his boat during his business absences. Discussion but no decision on how to publicize (loaner boat list) including mention in Scuttlebutt, or on an H20 Facebook page or through Pinterest.

Fun Race to Miramar: Inside harbor start, race to off Miramar shore. Finish race, raft up or tie to a big boat for a picnic lunch. Start a home race after lunch, finish inside harbor. Reverse handicap for return race. Gather for dock party afterward.

– Geoff Slaff noted the fleet currently has $4,200 to use for parties, hire a “sag” tow boat or Miramar party boat, or fun race committee boats.

Resume Team Racing, with teams changing on Wet Wednesdays.

–  Friday evening gatherings (racing or training) or other social gatherings.

  1. Discussion of asking SBYC for some benefit in return for the fleet loaning members boats to Yacht Club for special events. Suggestions included spinnaker bags for all, or coaching. Agreed the idea be put to the fleet for a decision.
  2. Next full Fleet Meeting: Suggestion that proposals be condensed into questions to include in an email to boost participation by fleet members. Agreed by consensus. After discussion, March 14 was set for the Fleet Meeting at the SBYC Fleet room, pending availability.

6. Things to accomplish before the meeting: Geoff is to ask J.J. about staying as webmaster and he will to contact SBYC to secure the fleet room for March 14. An email with questions to be discussed is to be sent to all current fleet members.

7. Adjourned by consensus agreement.

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